MacKenzie Scott turned rags to riches and now holds a wealthy net worth

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Posted on: 15 Apr, 2022

MacKenzie Scot

MacKenzie Scott turned rags to riches and now holds a wealthy net worth.

How was Scott’s life earlier

Scott graduated from Princeton University and went to New York. She was urged to become a novelist. 

Life was difficult

Like other college students MacKenzie also faced difficulties in making ends meet. Nonetheless, she worked as a waitress.

No time to write

With ongoing studies and a job as a waitress, MacKenzie’s dream of becoming was somehow left behind.

Letter to Toni Morrison

Scott wrote, ‘I found myself with small chunks of time due to which I collapsed with frustration or exhaustion. ‘Was ruminate with the monotony of making and selling sandwiches.   

The New York Times

Scott explained to Morrison, “she accepted the job by D.E Shaw at the hedge of financial necessity. 

Scott is working with Jeff Bezos

At D.E Shaw, Scott was interviewed and selected. This was when she started working with her husband, Jeff Bezos. 

Couple heads to a new life

The newly married couple Scott and Jeff went to Bellevue, Washington, in 1994. Moving there, Jeff headed to a startup.

Starting of Amazon

Jeff Bezos started a startup which is now called Amazon. 

Startup emerged with success

The startup grew globally and received $1.5 trillion in market capitalization day by day. 

Merit for MacKenzie Scott 

Scott worked part-time in the startup. Now she was able to give a proper time growing her novel. 

Mackenzie about Amazon

Scott found Amazon as an ‘interesting business.’

Scott published her handwritten pieces

Scott published one of her novels in 2005 and another one in 2013.

Couple faced separation 

Unfortunately, the couple was separated in 2019. At that time, Scott received 25% shares of Amazon. 

Current net worth

MacKenzie Scott is now a rich woman with an estimated net worth of $46 billion. 

She believes in donating

According to reports, Scott donates many of her .

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