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In a society where rumours run rampant, all kinds of stories become viral online and elicit strong reactions, even from prominent public figures, before anyone knows whether the information is accurate. We take seriously our obligation to fight against viral misinformation as one of the world's most widely read digital sites by maintaining unwavering journalistic standards that direct us always to report genuine, accurate, and authoritative articles. You can verify that it is legitimate if you read it on Factswow.

These fundamental ideas guide the Conception, Production, and Dissemination of every piece of content on Factswow.

Factswow tells only facts: Many clickbait headlines and erroneous articles online exist. But it is quite serious about how it approaches celebrity news and information. We have been in touch with all the major players in Hollywood Industry to furnish possibly accurate information to our Factswow readers.

The influence of trustworthy information that popular Instagram memes we won't publish or share it until the who, what, when, where, and why can be confirmed. We make sure we can offer an informed, precise, and authoritative perspective before jumping on the bandwagon.

Factswow for reliable news: Every story on Factswow is written to enhance your knowledge of the news, whatever that might be for you on any given day.

Factswow supports up-front integrity: Whenever we need to add new information to a story, we'll make sure to include precise time stamps to let you know when we are done so. Suppose anything new requires us to make a significant modification to an article. In that case, we will be transparent about why it did so and provide an explanation in a note that is identified and dated.

24/7 Factswow Updates

The Factswow team puts forth a lot of effort to provide its readers with updated feeds in the selected niche for 24 hrs. We've always tried to collate the latest news without missing minute details.

Whom does Factswow intend to reach with its Target Niche?

Though the Factswow team tries to deliver the feeds in the possible niches, it specifically targets its audience from the entertainment industry. Everybody is aware that the entertainment niche is of a wide range, and common people are avidly interested in the lives of their favourite celebrities irrespective of their age. Though this is the area where we have to compete with umpteen entertainment sites, we have a strong conviction on our reporting through which we can serve healthy feeds to our end readers.

What Principles and Values does Factswow Endorse?

Factswow upholds the core values before broadcasting any news to the public that compromises the dignity and identity of the affected person. Unless there is a real journalistic value, we will not post pictures of a celebrity's kid shot without their parents' will. We respect people's right to privacy. Thus we won't reveal a pregnancy or a person's medical conditions against their consent, nor will we divulge any identifying information that could reveal the address of a prominent figure's house. We always try to engage in an open dialogue with the subjects of our articles and offer them a chance to share their experiences.

How does the Diversity and Inclusion concept work for Factswow?

Factswow is a brand that is fundamentally committed to spotlighting various stories, including the victories, tragedies, and amazing moments in the lives of celebrities and common people. We have always been dedicated to representing as many viewpoints as possible and consistently finding and highlighting fresh viewpoints. We always work to increase the diversity and breadth of the talent we profile, the topics we cover, the subjects we highlight, and the venues we promote.

Factswow is taking steps to ensure that our content maintains transparency in tone while putting significant emphasis on being inclusive, fair, and representative.

At Factswow, we work hard to provide a welcoming, accepting, and judgment-free space for content consumption. We adhere to strict guidelines when phrasing topics related to race, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental health, and how people form families. Factswow also uses the Anti-Bias Review Bodies' policies to guarantee that our information is as inclusive and devoid of bias as possible.

What criteria does the Factswow Fact-checking team follow?

Every article we produce at Factswow has reliable information at its heart, and our team of proofreaders carefully scrutinizes the content we develop for the end readers by cross-checking all the information scribbled by our dedicated writers. We contact reliable, knowledgeable sources to ensure that we give accurate information and background. Likewise, the editorial team positively responds to the criticism we have often received through trolls.

The factswow team is committed to updating you when a factual error in a news story is found after publication. As soon as we identify the issue, we'll fix it and include a note with labels that are clear informing you of the change. An article may be altered without an editor's comment if the facts are accurate, but the language is not clear or comprehensive enough.

However, if there is ever a mistake in an article that has already been published or if you have a significant update or possible correction to make, reach out to us via [email protected].

What are the sources does Factswow Journaling team rely on?

Our writers and editors follow strict sourcing guidelines in all of our publications. Every fact and assertion is supported by at least one reliable source, and we strive to be open about the information's source in each emerging circumstance.

Journalists frequently get information from reliable, confidential sources whose names are kept out of print. We want you to know that the Factswow team is aware of these sources, who are not "anonymous." They are given secrecy for the purpose of publication, and the data they supply is checked with additional sources. When we offer sources anonymity, we intend to explain to readers why they aren't named.

How does the Factswow editorial team exercise their freedom of expression without being subject to bias?

To protect the integrity of our journalism,  Factswow never rewards tips or articles. Likewise, we don't take payments in exchange for writing about products. Any outside resource (biz, affiliate, video, publication, website) may not be given preferential treatment from our writers or editors based on their association with the individual or entity that created or owns that resource. Team Factswow prioritizes transparent values to keep organic visitors in the long run.

Factswow editorial team strives to deliver unique, trustworthy content that is free from bias. All network contributors are expected to adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and established standards of journalism.