From Gossip Girl To The Red Carpet: Ed Westwick’s Style Evolution

From Gossip Girl To The Red Carpet: Ed Westwick’s Style Evolution

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From Gossip Girl to the Red Carpet: Ed Westwick’s Style Evolution

(From Gossip Girl to the Red Carpet: Ed Westwick’s Style Evolution / Image Credits:Gud Story)

Edward Jack Peter Westwick, popularly known as Ed Westwick was born on June 27 1987 in Hammersmith, London. He grew up in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. His mother had a profession, as a psychologist while his father worked as a university lecturer. Starting from the age of six Westwick began taking music lessons and attending drama classes. He went to The Barclay School. Later pursued his education at North Hertfordshire College. Additionally he received training at the National Youth Theatre in London. Westwick pursued a career as both an actor and musician. Gained recognition for his portrayal of Chuck Bass in the hit series "Gossip Girl."

In 2006 Westwick made his appearance in a feature film titled "Children of Men." Since then he has been part of films such as "Breaking and Entering" (2006) "Son of Rambow" (2007) "S. Darko" (2009) "Chalet Girl" and "J. Edgar" (2011) "Romeo & Juliet" (2013) "Bone in the Throat" (2015) "Freaks of Nature" (2015) "Billionaire Ransom" (2016) and most recently "Me You Madness" (2021).

Starting His Career 

After a visit to Los Angeles in 2007 Westwick secured the role of Chuck Bass, on the television series "Gossip Girl.”Due to his success on the show Westwick received the title of 'Sexiest Man Alive' by "People" magazine in 2008. Furthermore he achieved recognition at the Teen Choice Awards in both 2008 and 2009 winning the accolade for 'Best TV Villain.' Additionally in 2010 he was honored with the title of 'Breakthrough Talent' by "GQ."

It's worth noting that Westwick also had a venture as part of a punk band called The Filthy Youth. Their music drew inspiration from bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Doors and Kings of Leon.

Chuck Bass is well known for his Upper East Side style. However off screen Ed Westwick has also created quite a buzz with his fashion choices.
While portraying the tailored Chuck Bass, on Gossip Girl Ed's ability to strike the balance between formal and edgy is evident.

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Evolution Stages 

During the Style Awards in 2012 when Ed Westwick received an award there was one person he didn't mention in his acceptance speech—his TV character, Chuck Bass.

That night, in 2012 Westwick sported an open shirt and an evening scarf. It leaves one wondering what fashion forward ensemble we can expect from him next.

Ed attends events where his formal attire becomes a source of inspiration for many. He confidently embraces colors when paired with his suits allowing him to stand out without going overboard. While critics appreciate him for bringing millionaire playboy Chuck Bass to life on screen Ed acknowledges that it's his style that keeps them interested.

When Entertainment Weekly asked him about what he's learned about looking good while working on the CW series Gossip Girl Ed simply replied with "I had it."'I have my sense of style, which is why I've managed to stay relevant' he confidently stated.
So let's settle this. Who has a fashion sense. Ed Westwick or Chuck Bass?

Ed Westwick will always be remembered as Chuck Bass, the suave and charismatic playboy, from Gossip Girl. His bold fashion choices like the Brooks Brothers plaid vest and J Press silk scarf added a touch of masculinity to his style. In a way he challenged mens fashion norms. Showed us a fresh perspective on what it means to dress like a confident man. It seems fiction sometimes imitates reality. During a visit to London Ed Westwick channeled his Upper East Sider with an outfit that could easily be Chuck Bass 2.0 approved. He rocked a jacket and pants paired with stylish leather shoes topped off with a long camel colored coat featuring broad shoulders. It was a look!

Effortless Elegance 

I'm a fan of effortless elegance and Ed Westwick seems to have that down, to perfection. Not familiar with Ed Westwick? Well he's the Londoner who caught everyone's attention with his portrayal of Chuck Bass in the hit American TV series, Gossip Girl. Apart from being a musician and the lead vocalist of the Indie band "The Filthy Youth " he keeps himself busy with activities like filming Gossip Girl taking on different film roles and even gracing catwalks.

As I mentioned earlier his style truly appears effortless. It exudes confidence without crossing into cockiness. Many guys tend to overdo it when trying to project confidence, but not Ed. His natural confidence shines through effortlessly. His fashion choices aren't extravagant; he prefers colors, like grays, blacks, beiges and navy blues. That being said he isn't afraid to add a pop of color by accessorizing with a tie or pocket square or opting for a button down shirt or colorful footwear.

Again without going far he prefers to wear classic garments, like blazers, well fitted pants and comfortable loafers. He possesses the talent for deconstructing a suit, something that appears to be effortless, for him.

Gossip Girl enjoyed a prosperous stint, renowned for its captivating storyline, attractive characters, exploration of the transition, from youth to adulthood and an abundance of drama. However it also gained recognition for its sense of style and fashion. The characters did not showcase their acting talents. Also introduced some trendy fashion choices. Among them Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf portrayed by Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester stood out as a couple.

Chuck Bass has explored a range of fashion elements, including breasted suits, argyle patterns, bow ties, pocket squares, boutonnieres and various colors and patterns. His unique sense of style has led him to create looks that can be considered works of art in their own right.

Become A Red Carpet Icon 

From Gossip Girl to the Red Carpet: Ed Westwick’s Style Evolution

(Become A Red Carpet Icon / Image Credits:The News International)

Ed Westwick and his girlfriend Amy Jackson recently made their appearance as a couple at the National Film Awards 2022 in London. After that they attended a Unicef event in Italy looking absolutely stunning in their outfits.

Regarding Westwick he is well known for his portrayal of Chuck Bass, in Gossip Girl. It's worth mentioning that he recently ended his relationship with his girlfriend Tamara Francesconi. They were together for two years before deciding to go their own ways. Enough Westwick and Jackson supposedly crossed paths at the Red Sea Festival in Saudi Arabia. There have been rumors of a romantic connection between them since earlier this year. Notably Jackson also joined Ed's family in celebrating his birthday.

For the event Westwick wore a shirt with a texture and paired it with a jacket. Amy Jackson looked gorgeous in a gown. Other notable celebrities such as Jared Leto, Alana Haim, Ashley Park and Casey Affleck were also present at the event. This isn't the time Ed and Amy have been seen together; they were also spotted together at Wimbledon.

 At the closing gala of the Red Sea International Film Festival, Ed and Amy again caught everyone's attention with their black attire. Ed wore a tuxedo with a bowtie while Amy looked stunning in a strapless white dress.

During an interview Jana Letonja had a conversation with Ed Westwick about his style and love for fashion. She mentioned that he has collaborated with fashion brands throughout his career.

Ed Westwick responded by expressing his admiration for how fashion can uplift one's mood. He mentioned that on days he prefers wearing clothing like T shirts, sweatpants or jeans. However when he gets the chance to attend fashion shows and dress up in outfits it adds a level of energy and excitement to the moment. As an actor he emphasized the importance of fashion and costume design in creating worlds and developing captivating characters. He finds it fascinating to witness the interplay between the fantasy realm and the real world.

Moreover Ed Westwick shared his aspiration for sustainability within the fashion industry. He highlighted Cate Blanchett's decision to wear a worn dress from the Oscars to the BAFTA Awards as an example of promoting reuse and reducing waste.

As for statistics regarding the impact of the fashion industry I'm not entirely certain. It does seem like brands are shifting their focus towards sustainability nowadays. Personally speaking I believe this is a move that aligns with sense.

Ed Westwick's style incorporates grooming, which adds a touch to his more formal looks. He effortlessly showcases his chest hair and opts for a swept across hairstyle giving off a vibe. This untouched grooming further highlights his laid back approach to fashion.

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