American Idol's Leah Marlene made a virtual audition

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Posted on: 16 Aug, 2022

The singer Leah Marlene, one of the finalists in Season 20 of American Idol, surprised fans earlier this month when she auditioned for the next season of the show.

There have been a few former contestants making appearances at this month's virtual auditions for Idol Across America, but she's not the only one.

On August 8, Leah posted a video of herself crashing the @americanidol Idol Across America zoom auditions on her Instagram stories.

She charged everyone who auditioned, 'All the love and bravery today!' Enjoy yourself! It's possible! ”

Leah's appearance was also shared on American Idol's Instagram account. There was a bit that she had to say about the judge Katy Perry and about the passion that all of the people involved in the show have for seeing the contestants succeed, which is documented in this post.

According to Heavy, Leah called Katie the bomb. Everyone is always rooting for you to succeed, whether it's the producers, judges, or audience. Her goal is to see you succeed at all times.

The people who don't want you to succeed aren't going to be there with you. The whole place is rooting for your success.'

Even though Leah has remained positive about her performance, she has also openly discussed the challenges she's faced after placing third last year.

It has been a difficult journey for her and she feels 'very misunderstood by the industry.' Last month, she wrote that she feels 'deeply alone in this experience.'

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