Phantom Threads: Season 1 Episode 4, Here Is The Recap & Review That You Are Looking For!

Phantom Threads: Season 1 Episode 4, Here Is The Recap & Review That You Are Looking For!

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Lizzie showed a picture to Mickey, after that, he was thinking about the night of his incident. Mickey informs Arthur and Ema about the nazi but they still have their doubts. Mickey is mad at them because they think that he is crazy then Ema and Arthur show him that Ashley's locker is cleared by Rachel, and he confronts her alone.After that, she invites him to her place to meet and later goes to Troy for an apology. Hannah asks Shira at the basketball Pan cake Meet-up to make a speech in front of everyone.

For the first time Shira realized that they were in love with each other, she remembered her school days. Shira agrees when Hannah asks to hang out later. Mrs. Friedman inquired Mickey about the pictures he was given, she told him that the pictures he had were fake by showing real pictures of the Butcher of Louz. right after Buck Arthur is getting ready for his audition turn for the Phantom of the Opera. Ema joins Arthur on stage when he gets nervous and helps him through the audition.

Later Whitney is so excited for Ema when she performs incredibly on the stage.On the other hand, Shira and Hannah are enjoying a meal together then she expresses that she left the town only wanting to be with Hannah but back then didn't know what to do with it. Later Ema apologised to Mickey and informed him about her further research on the incident, while Mickey remembered that the logo was different on the ambulance that arrived at the time of the incident.

When they investigated the incident they came to know that the ambulance was stolen the night before.Meanwhile, Arthur tells Ema that Mrs. Kent has gone missing and there is an announcement Ema gets the lead role but she doesn't want it. To collect info about Ashley, Ema and Arthur sneaked into Mrs. Kent's office but they found the file of Dylan Shakes', the files showing that Mr Ken is the boy's doctor and how his father abused him frequently. They are aware of the fact that Mr. Kent saw Dylan on the day of his appearance.


Phantom Threads: Season 1 Episode 4, Here Is The Recap & Review That You Are Looking For!

(Review /Image Credits:The Cinemaholic,Moviefone)

The episode is about the investigation of the disappearance of Ashley Kent. Ema, Spoon, and Mickey are searching for additional information about Mickey's biological father and following the clues. While the other students are preparing for auditions for the upcoming high school musical. As the series proceeds the writers shift the focus from the mystery and twists of the plot, it shows the primary romantic and close bond involving Spoon, Ema, and Mickey. 

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