Ken Jennings Replaces Mayim Bialik as 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' Host Amid Hollywood Strike

Ken Jennings Replaces Mayim Bialik as 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' Host Amid Hollywood Strike

Updated on August 23, 2023 15:35 PM by Evelyn Mia

Ken Jennings replaces Mayim Bialik due to Hollywood strike

(Mayim Bialik Replaced By Ken Jennings As ‘celebrity Jeopardy!’ Host As Hollywood Strike Continues Image

Mayim Belaiki is not going to take over the show as a host of “Celebrity Jeopardy” in the upcoming new season “40th”. Fans are sad as she is used to be watched by them in every show.

Ken Jennings will be the one who is going to host the game show after replacing her as a new host which is confirmed recently by a top news Entertainment Weekly. After the death of the old host “Alex Trebek” they were appointed as his replacement.

Why Mayim Balaik is replaced by Kenn Jennings?

The reason behind the replacement is that Kenn was already involved in the writer’s strike that has been continuing since days and have not finished yet.

So, Black who is the actress of  “The Big Bang Theory” is supporting the strike, that is why she will not be seen in the next season.

They both were getting tagged by everyone as the new host of the season but still it is not confirmed that there will be a comeback from her or not.

The actress is continuously not in the mood to come again while still hosting another root of the show but the reason is, “She wants to be with her friends who are writers and already in a strike for some valid reason, so Ken wants to support them as long as it lasts. She is not the only one who is supporting it but the new host of the show was used to be included in that supporters list. 

Another writer Michele Loud is on the front of this strike and doing hard to make the authorities accept their demands. When he was interviewed by the Variety news channel he told them that “The statements from us are always on live on TV and we have already cleared it that we are not going to step back and the forthcoming season of the show will be nothing without us.”

The show is ready to be aired in the very next month and there are few episodes left from the previous season 39. The head of the show Michael Davis has discussed the bad situations that are being faced by the show and the cast just because of this strike and it has really affected them.

As there is no writer available to write the script but during the previous streaming some scripts were ready to be used in the upcoming one, so it will be something mixed that consists of some the material from the previous parts. They say that the material is still available in their systems so we do not need to worry about that.

The player of the show will not be the new faces as it will be very unfair to cast new faces when the show is getting reprocessed by the blended and different chunks from the last seasons.

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