These Reality Tv Shows Aren't Really Real

These Reality Tv Shows Aren't Really Real

Updated on October 29, 2022 13:02 PM by Andrew Koschiev

"The Voice," "Dancing with the Stars," and "The Bachelorette" are some of the reality TV shows that have been accused of being set up to fail. Contestants claim that they were asked to sign contracts that are "dehumanising" and permit the network to oust them for any reason, including "portraying (the contender) in a false light". Former candidates claim that editing is the show's main selling point. In 2012, an unintentional recording of a private conversation between a producer and a competitor was made public. Ben Starr, a contestant who advanced to the show's final five in season two, claims it is highly manufactured fiction.

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Brid.ezillas delivers on WE tv's claim that it offers "the most over-the-top, insane women-wrecking wedding hell". But are the brides as terrible as the show portrays them to bis this just your you'recal staged drama? The answer appears to be both but leans more toward the programmed side. Some former "zillaDallase so offended by how they were depicdepicted

The Voice

(Image Credits: Country Living Magazine .com)

The Voice is a well-liked competitive reality TV show where singers fight against one another for the American public's votes, following in American Idol's footsteps. Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, and Christina Aguilera, three well-known coaches, had a dispute about which contestant they should mentor.

Adam Weiner, lead singer of the rock band Low Cut Connie, claims that the show's producers contacted him about participating. Still, he turned them down because of their tight requirements on competitors about song selection, style, etc. He also revealed that the show was "pre-cast" (no need to audition). Contestants reportedly have to sign 32-page contracts that are "de-humanizing" and permit the network to oust them for any reason, including "portraying (the contender) in a false light." Additionally, contestants are forbidden from discussing any behind-the-scenes information about the programme.

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Dancing with the Stars

(Image Credits: The US Sun .com)

This dancing-themed television programme focuses more on personality than dancing. Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, claims that remarks are occasionally altered and taken out of context in ortorate a story and resentment between competitors.

Wendy Williams claims that she was fired from the programme because she deviated from the script the producers gave her.

Hope Solo, a soccer star, went a step further, claiming that her dancing partner decided to cause trouble after glancing over a producer memo requesting that the couple be eliminated from the competition. She claims that by doing this, they were able to continue competing for a few more weeks. Could everything be set up to fail?

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 The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

(Image Credits:

You may make for some fascinating television by putting 30 suitors in a house together and forcing them to compete for the attention of a handsome young bachelor or bachelorette. Or would you? Former candidates claim that the show's smart editing is its main selling point.

In oToe things look dramatic, it has been said that editors will combine lines with a film of unrelated facial reactions. Megan Parris, a participant from season 13, claims that producers of the programme will do anything to obtain the shot. She claimed that to get you to say what they want you to say, "theyall you names, berate you, and curse at you."

In 2012, an unintentional recording of a private conversation between a producer and competitor, Courtney Robertson, was made public. The producer also "coaxed" Robertson into acting a certain way for the cameras.

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The Real Housewives

(Image Credits: insider .com)

The Real Housewives follows a group of snarky socialites as they host parties, go shopping, and quarrel with one another across the country. The drama may be humorous and intriguing, but much of it is contrived.

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Producers arrange the meetings in advance, and the women are given lines to make the discussions more dramatic and interesting. Maybe Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey will convince you if you don't believe us. During her husband's fraud trial, she said under oath, "The picture is little more than a meticulously crafted fantasy, engineered by Bravo TV through written lines and clever editing."

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(Image Credits: JustWatch .com)

According to at least one former competitor, the Gordon Ramsay-hosted cooking competition is not real. "MasterChef is fun to watch. Initially and mainly, It's not true. There is no contest going on. According to Ben Starr, a contestant who advanced to the show's final five in season two, it is highly manufactured fiction.

He claims that the editors combine the sound snippets from various interviews to produce new sentences that the participants never said. In addition, he charged that the producers woke up rivals regularly in the middle of the night to switch hotels to "create a high emotional response to conditions."

On the other hand, MasterChef Australia is said to be far less "manufactured," emphasising the actual cooking rather than the interpersonal melodrama.

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 Vanderpump Rules

(Image Credits: us weekly .com)

It's always fun to watch television while the infamous wait staff at SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant) is on. Under the careful eye of their employer, restaurant tycoon Lisa Vanderpump, the models-turned-servers and bartenders frequently quarrel, betray, and sleep with one another. Much mf the show iofs scripted than the creators have admitted, as many people have assumed.

On her podcast, Straight Up with Stassi, Stassi Schroeder affirmed this to the listeners, saying that the show's producers made her fake a split for the sake of the plot. She also asserts that some situations are written specifically for the story. For instance, cast member reconciliations in thmust be acted out on camera in the off-season

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(Image Credits: Eonline .com)

Bridezillas delivers on WE tv's claim that it offers "the most over-the-top, insane women-wrecking wedding hell." But are the brides as terrible as the show portrays them, or is this just ou're typical staged drama? The answer appears to be both but leans more toward the programmed side.

People on the programme are urged to make increasingly outrageous demands to heighten the drama, and certain events are repeated to capture the perfect shot. Some former "zillasDallas" were wasffended by how they were depicted on television that they filed a lawsuit against the network for deceiving them into believing they were filming a wedding documentary. Only some brides, nevertheless, were dissatisfied with the dramatic portrayal of their stories in their episodes.

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Storage Wars

(Image Credits: Enterpreneur .com)

Surprisingly amusing is watching famous people bid on abandoned storage bins. It's always a gamble since sometimes the storage container is packed with priceless antiques, and other times it's almost empty. What, then, can be fabricated on a programme like this? A good deal.

A lot of the objects in the units are staged by the producers before the cast begins their bidding, according to Dave Hester, a former star who was fired from the show in 2012. The public auctions are reportedly staged, and A&E is accused of providing financial assistance to some of the "less-experienced" bidders, giving them an unfair advantage. Hester exposed several of these complaints by suing A&E for wrongful termination. They reached a confidential settlement.

Jersey Shore

(Image Credits:people .com)

The hard-partying Italian-Americans, everyone's favourite bunch, aren't quite as dramatic as the show would have you believe. A few of them aren't even an (Snooki is Chilean, and JWoww is of Irish and Spanish descent). The producers fabricated a few components of the "reality" show despite objections to cultural appropriation, bad depiction, and heritage concerns.

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The producers created some dramatic scenarios, and editors used their magic to make them as startling as possible. The network allegedly urged the cast to drink heavily to increase the drama. Because of this, there may have been some dangerous circumstances; tragically, many of the thiolent conflicts took place.

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Pawn Stars

(Image Credits: Inc.Magazine .com)

Customers won't likely recognise any known faces when they enter the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with their cherished goods ready to make a transaction unless the show's producers have invited them. This is because before someone is ever ed to participate in the show, they must submit documents describing their requests.

In Nevada, it is against the law to record someone else without that person's permission. The cast is forbidden from appearing at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop during work hours since so many people visit to try to see Chumlee, Rick, Richard, and Corey.

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Hell's Kitchen

(Image Credits: Guilty Eats .com)

The list includes one more cooking programme with Gordon Ramsay. The competitors are split into two teams for this round. At the end of each episode, the losing team selects two colleagues for elimination, but Ramsay ultimately decides who stays and who goes.

The competitions claim that they happen in real restaurants with actual customers, but the truth is that the customers are paid to attend, and the establishments themsake. Former participants claimed that producers would purposefully swap ingredients and play pranks on the cooks to cause them to make mistakes in their dishes.

If you've ever questioned why Ramsay hasn't yet received a punch for his cruel words, it's probably because the set is swarming with security, just out of view of the camera.

American Pickers

(Image Credits: The US Sun .com)

Numerous guests on the well-liked History Channel programme claim that negotiations are more impromptu than they appear to be. Most of the time, pricing for antique objects is pre-determined, and most haggling is merely acting.

Although the show makesappears it's just Mike, Frank, and Danielle, the show's producers chose quite a bit off-camera. Before bringing in the entire team, they'll, at the very least, want to screen a few of the entries to ensure that the discoveries will be interesting enough for TV audiences.

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Duck Dynasty

(Image Credits: The New York Time .com)

The Robertson family's appearance before the show wdifferedfrom what it is now. In fact, it would be difficult for you to identify them. In contrast to much other reality series, the stars of Duck Dynasty openly acknowledge that most of the show is produced.

Instead of filming the family as they go about their normal life, the producers create a comedic scenario and have the family act it out. The Robertsons refer to this as "directed reality." Additionally, considering how little they swear at one another, many of thring bleeps are superfluous.

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Basketball Wives

(Image Credits: The List .com)

Another programme that focuses on the lives of the obscenely wealthy as they quarrel with one another over insignificant slights and insults is Basketball Wives. This specific version centres on the wives of well-known professional basketball players, as the name suggests.

It makes sense that the show's producers would be inclined to manufacture and exaggerate these problems because the programme's mainstay involves dramatic interactions between the major characters. Basketball player Matt Barnes, who made an appearance on the show, claimed it was all a lie. Tanya Young, the "Basketball Wife," agreed, claiming that the writers intentionally created drama amongst the women.

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 American Idol

(Image Credits: EVOKE .com)

American Idol's "open auditions" aren't quite as "open" as they first look. IProducersthoroughly vet competitors before being asked to perform in front of the cameras and judges. The contestants who will perform on the show are also selected in advance.

Producers scout and invite the majority, if not all, of the candidates to the event. They made up the audition portions, where they first charm the judges.

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Cake Boss

(Image Credits: www.self .com)

We are sorry to the hall you that you cannot consume these pastries. The elaborate cakes need to be strengthened with cladding for TLD. Sheet cakes are supplied in place of what is displayed on television and are what you see people consuming on the show.

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Buddy and the other members of the Valastro family are only there while the show is being filmed, so don't anticipate seeing them there when you visit the Hoboken shop.

Additionally, the surprise unveiling of the cake is entirely staged; buyers are aware of what they will receive as soon as they accept a design.

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The Biggest Loser

(Image Credits: Nexttv .com)

The participant's weight loss is real, but many stories about them being lazy and gluttons are made up. Positive portrayals of people only sometimes make for interesting television, as we've seen with many other programmes on this list.

Additionally, phoney equipment is used to weigh each participant in front of the studio audience: The real weight loss of the competitors was measured days before the competition.

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According to several previous contestants' accounts, which include physical injuries and being so malnourished that they began passing blood in their urination, it could have been preferable if more of the show had been staged.

The Jerry Springer Show

(Image Credits: showbiz cheat sheet .com)

Another one that shouldn't come as a huge surprise is this one. Real people approach the show's creators with their experiences and requests to appear. Why let the truth stand in the way of a good (or at least interesting) story?

People are urged to be as extravagant and dramatic as possible before appearing on camera and in front of the crowd. Even the fights are scheduled beforehand to protect the visitors' and Jerry's safety.

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(Image Credits:

Despite the show's title, viewers weren't as worried about actual survival as they were made to believe. Producers would feed competitors and even assist them in lighting fires off camera. The network does not want the show's public relations nightmare of someone being ill or injured.

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Additionally, producers advise competitors on survival strategies and determine what to wear, and body doubles are occasionally utilised to acquire good aerial pictures of the competitions. Hey, at least the cash award is legitimate.

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Property Brothers

(Image Credits: TV Series Finale .com)

Like many home improvement shows, "Property Brothers" came under fire for being overly manufactured. Even though the network has an entertaining strategy, it is not surprising that the first house they show their homebuyers are always out of their price range to help them drop their expectations to a reasonable range.

The worst aspect of the show is how false the house-seeking segment is. To expedite the production of the show's segment where they visit other properties, the homebuyers have already begun the purchasing process with one of the properties.

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(Image Credits:

Have you ever wondered why the "catfish" is already mic'ed up when Nev, Max, and their long-distance love interest surprise them? It's a result of their lack of genuine surprise. Before the programme is filmed, people must consent to be on the show.

The "detective job" performed by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph is, therefore, only a performance; behind the scenes, the real investigation is carried out. Nevertheless, you must agree that the cast and staff are excellent at making the programme look genuine.

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 Long Island Medium

(Image Credits: Good Housekeeping .com)

I hope you are not surprised by this one. Yes, a show about a self-described "medium" that helps people connect with their deceased family members is entirely made up. Large surprise, But how do they manage to sound so credible?

Theresa Caputo is fed the material by show producers, who are experts at gathering information through questionnaires and social media. Although Caputo has never acknowledged that she is nothing more than a performance, Inside Edition, Wired Magazine, and other publications have done exposés on her.

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MTV Cribs

(Image Credits:

We have some excellent news for anyone who has ever watched Cribs on MTV and gone green with envy whenever the sexiest stars let cameras into their opulent homes: It seems that even famous people can feel insecure about their money. Otherwise, why would they rent homes merely to flaunt them on television?

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One woman was incensed to return home to find her home damaged after renting it to a famous rapper. She discovered thy a few months later while watching MTV: The rapper had hosted a party at her estate for 600 guests. She naturally filed a lawsuit for violating the rental agreement, which expressly said "no parties." Don't attend the rapper's invitation to a posh music festival in the Bahamas, even though we won't mention his name.

Divorce Court

(Image Credits:

Hearing a couple argue is like hearing nails on a chalkboard, and for many of us, going to the dentist seems more tempting than going to court. But divorce court functions in some way. It has performed well enough to rank among history's longest-running syndicated television programmes.

The first several seasons of the show were entirely staged, with actors taking the place of actually married couples in the courtroom. Though there are accusations that some recent guests on the show were actors given a storyline, the show still claims to represent real couples going through a divorce.

In any case, a television programme cannot award you a divorce; only the state has that authority. Any claims for money or property can be contested in a real court, but typically the studio pays any damages nevertheless.

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Wife Swap

(Image Credits: Newsweek .com)

Two spouses would switch roles and try to make it through two weeks with a vastly different family. This fish-out-of-water notion made for some amusing and cringe-inducing material. How did the writers and directors come across families with such inflated personalities?

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It would appear that they didn't. The participants in the show were urged to play up their differences, especially the kids, who delighted in acting out the parts the producers had prepared for them. The "manuals" the spouses created to help their replacements were also all made up by the creators.

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The Simple Life

(Image Credits:Time .com)

Watching Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie work lowly jobs across America was hilarious. But how genuine was the programme? The comedy development executive for 20th Century Fox Television, Brad Johnson, revealed this amusing yet written programme details. It's a storytelling technique that goes beyond the typical slice of life. We worked with our editors and producers to enforce some humorous editing and structure, he said in an interview with Television Week. That's not all, though.

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Even doubters like us were shocked to discover how artificially created most of Paris Hilton's "ditzy" reputation. "I created that persona for The Simple Life. I had to play a persona that was an airhead with a baby voice for five seasons because that is what they wanted, she revealed in an interview.

Naked and Afraid

(Image Credits: IMDB .com)

This show appears real on television, and in some ways, it is: People spend weeks in the wilderness naked. But many of the plots and drama you see in each episode are manufactured. A show where everyone gets along well doesn't make for interesting viewing.

Despite what the TV show portrays, the rural locales where the naked survivalists are placed aren't as secluded as they appear. Instead, it's usual for the contestants to connect with locals.

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Occasionally, producers will provide the participants with small amounts of food, water, and medical care away from the camera to assist them.

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Total Divas

(Image Credits: YOU TUBE TV .com)

As real as professional wrestling itself is, which is to say, not at all, this show about female professional wrestlers and the turmoil behind the scenes is also about as real. Because professional wrestlers are accomplished performers and actors, the scripted show seems more authentic. But other sources have proven that the programme is virtually entirely fabricated.

Former WWE Tag Team Champion PJ Black acknowledged the programme was "probably 90% staged" based on a Pancakes and Powerslams episode. He argued, "If it's a reality programme, let me do and say whatever I want."

On his podcast, J.R.'s Place, wrestling announcer Jim Ross also revealed that the show is a hoax. You do realise that the presentation is fictitious, correct? J.R. enquired about a supporter. 

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Beauty and the Geek

(Image Credits: Hidden Remote .com)

There are numerous ways in which the creators of this well-known MTV programme twisted the reality behind the scenes. Clever editors increased the melodrama and made the show much juicier, like nearly every other show on our list. "Geek" Nate Dern claims that after he and UFC ring girl Jennylee Berns shared a drunken kiss, editors effectively fabricated a season-long romance between them.

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The "geeks" and "beauties" weren't as socially awkward or dull as they were. In truth, a Beauty and the Geek Australia participant was later revealed to be a paid actor.

However, many of the "beauties" also acknowledged that they had toned it down for the cameras. For instance, despite having a journalism degree from Northeastern University, in season three of "beauty," Jennifer Carter portrayed the "dumb blonde" on the show.

Southern Charm

(Image Credits: page six .com)

Another show that chronicles the charmed lives of immensely wealthy socialites is here, but this time, something unexpected happens: Charleston, South Carolina's political and cultural heritage is incorporated into the presentation. Whitney Sudler-Smith, the show's producer, wants you to think it's 100 per cent real. "How much of it is real? This is a common question. In an interview with Urban Daddy, he said that everything was genuine. But is he telling the truth?

Put, no. He contradicts himself by saying that the characters on the show are very different from how they are portrayed in the same interview.

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But it's more than just some deft editing. A neighbourhood real estate agent revealed the location of Jenna King's mansion. She claimed that no one resided there; it was only rented out for filming the series. "They took some pictures of the interior and exterior, and Jenna had nothing else to do with the house at all. She never owned it or lived there.

According to rumours, the show completely made up the relationship between Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements.

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Famously Single

(Image Credits:The Knot News .com)

It's easy to make some amusing low-brow television by gathering a bunch of attractive individuals, setting up some cameras, and hoping the sparks fly. It would be even better if you could include celebrities in the mix. All these criteria are met by the programme Famously Single, which brings famous individuals together to look for love.

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