Top 10 Tips on How to Be a Good American

Top 10 Tips on How to Be a Good American

Updated on October 03, 2022 18:00 PM by Laura Mendes

The United States just seems to be worsening (mainly American culture, that is). The fact that my country is beginning to decline in a particular way sometimes truly terrifies me. In light of this, I've made a list of ways our culture and country might advance.

The following suggestions are merely my personal opinions on how to improve the country's culture. There may be other advice, but you are free to contribute it if you like. These are merely my recommendations and how they can benefit you in American culture.

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 Be kind to others

Not that all that always. The majority of Americans are impolite, but maintaining a respectable and upstanding reputation abroad is crucial for us. Reputation is important. Remember of these items, therefore, seem to be crucial, but is this a list of things that most Americans could do better? Because I'm American, I always attempt to be courteous. Then you'd make a tonne of friends, and nobody would treat you badly.

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Study American history more

Americans are such nativists. How about studying other nations in the world in addition to America? There is a lot more to the globe than just America, and many Americans are incredibly ignorant of the rest of the cosmos.

American history is crucial to understanding what soldiers and veterans have endured and continue to endure so that you may respect them and the nation they are fighting to defend. This is significant because we must never lose sight of the crucial moments that shaped our nation. I'll stop here. That holds true for every country where you reside, not just America.

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Better Child-Raising Practices

Many American parents, I've seen, don't appear to raise their children much better. They just allowed them to watch videos online that they weren't meant to and post sexually explicit videos (the majority of these children are only 12 years old). Gross, I realize.

Being a parent is a very serious responsibility, and sometimes we need children to develop into adults who can work with us to improve the world. Consider it carefully because, as a race, we are doomed if there are more children like Malu Trevejo and Danielle Bregoli.

Particularly, punish them more to the point of knowing right from wrong, but not to the point of agony. If parents don't properly raise their children, we won't advance. And remove them from the internet and outside.

treat them with respect as fellow humans, show them affection, and provide for them, but refrain from pressuring them, threatening them, or even considering using violence against them.

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Be more refined

Sincerely, if my country were more sophisticated, I would like it more. I realize that it is a free country, but please have some manners. Once more, I'm not claiming all Americans lack class; only a select handful. Yeah! More emotion! More soul! Less phoney clothing!

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Obey the Law

Just incline to the laws.

Avoid Homophobia

Yes, this is a serious problem. America is a free nation where people can do as they like and be who they are. We can't change that; it's not our responsibility. That shouldn't make you angry or repulsed.

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Try to Help Others 

This is important because By Helping More People Within the Country, We Would All Look Better. We could assist others with specific problems and even provide them with the necessary crucial knowledge, such as this entire list (because, in my opinion, some of the advice I've provided is something they should know). Merely stating).

Altruism cannot be forced and should not be expected. Charity is great, but it shouldn't last forever. It is preferable to teach people how to improve their own situations.

In a collectivist society, nothing is more beneficial than acting with altruism.

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Learn Everything You Can

I'm not suggesting that all Americans lack knowledge of politics, science, history, etc., but I've included this nevertheless because I don't believe it only pertains to Americans. Any individual from any nation could be affected. If we're going to act, then each of us needs to have sufficient knowledge of various topics. We can all now learn things more quickly thanks to an improved internet. But we also shouldn't neglect to indulge in a nice book every now and again.

Eating Well

I think this could be said of nearly any country, not just Americans. We definitely don't want that kind of perception at all because the US already has a reputation for being obese and sluggish. If we truly want to live longer, we will eventually have to stop eating manufactured meals.

This abrupt turn of events would lead to the fast food industry's demise. Healthy and American cannot coexist in the same sentence. Yes. Occasionally, people should reduce their intake of fast food and chips in favor of fresh meat and vegetables. That ought to assist them.

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Leave No Trace

Since I'm American, I detest discovering trash on the ground after assuming that someone was too lazy to dispose of it in a trash or recycling can. How challenging is it to walk to a trash can and place your trash inside?

This is very crucial. Recycling our used bottles and cans is essentially the only thing we need to do if we want to preserve the ecology of our planet. In any case, littering is illegal. They trash while talking inanely about Chinese culture. Stop being so contradictory!

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