New Baby For Love Is Blind Star Bartise Bowden

New Baby For Love Is Blind Star Bartise Bowden

Updated on April 08, 2023 14:40 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Bartise Bowden called him "zaddy on screen and daddy in reality." In an announcement on April 7, he revealed that he had welcomed a son. Despite being a villain on television, Bartise said on social media that he wants to be the hero for him.

Throughout season three, Bartise does not reveal the mother of his child, born in a relationship with Nancy Rodriguez. As well as watching Tiger Woods compete at the Master's tournament on television, the father-son duo also shared a gallery of photos with their newborn.

Establish a Friendship Off-Camera

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Here's your first Tiger Woods golf show! Watch this!" he wrote on Instagram. "I remember doing this with my dad." It appeared Bartise was celebrating St. Patrick's Day on March 17 by wearing a shamrock necklace and holding his miniature self, wearing a green onesie and matching beanie with a clover print.

On Love Is Blind, as seen in October 2022, Bartise left Nancy at the altar. Still, the pair endeavored to develop a friendship off-camera before they began filming After the Altar, which premiered in February 2023.

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A Certain Type Of Friendship Or Relationship

In her exclusive interview, Nancy said, "I can confirm that I know what I want in my life, including certain friendships and relationships. Bartise admitted that, while engaged to Nancy, he made a mess of things during his season, praising Raven Ross as "f--king gorgeous."

A Netflix dating show, Perfect Match, was also a part of which the Texas-based star appeared in February 2023, where he dated several women before choosing Izzy Fairthorne as his final match. Since the show aired, the couple hasn't confirmed their status, but People reported in March that they were no longer together.

Being A Father Is A Great Responsibility

The Perfect Match cast is excited for him in his new role. I'm so happy for you, brother. You're going to be an awesome father, and know you have a great support group behind you," Shane Jansen said, while Joey Sasso replied, "I'm so happy for you, bro. 

You're going to do a great job as a father. I'm so excited for you. Looking forward to meeting the little guy." Kariselle Snow wrote, "Bartise is not on my bingo list as the first father after Perfect Match."

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