It's Official! For The Fifth Time, Rupert Murdoch Will Marry Ann Lesley Smith

It's Official! For The Fifth Time, Rupert Murdoch Will Marry Ann Lesley Smith

Updated on March 21, 2023 15:25 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Rupert Murdoch and Ann Lesley Smith engaged | One of his publications, the New York Post, published an article Monday revealing the 92-year-old's engagement to Ann Lesley Smith. During a September visit to Murdoch's vineyard in Bel Air, California, gossip columnist Cindy Adams reported that the couple had met. A whirlwind romance was nervous for Murdoch, but she knew it would be her last. She was delighted when she hit upon the idea. "I dreaded falling in love," Murdoch said. "I knew it would be my last. It is."

Murdoch Shared About His New Love Life

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Because he is "one-fourth Irish," News Corp. founder Peter Carr proposed on St. Patrick's Day, a diamond solitaire with an Asscher cut was featured in New York. Despite their love, Murdoch said he looked like she would be his lifelong companion. It is expected that they will get married this summer.

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How Did Their Relationship Begin?

In 2008, Smith lost her husband, Chester Smith, a country singer and radio and TV executive. 66-year-old, she said she and Murdoch bonded over their media industry knowledge. In her line of work, Murdoch owns Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. It is no coincidence that Smith is related to Rupert's brother, Christopher. 

Previous Relationships Of Murdoch And Smith

Both of his parents were businesspeople. His father worked for a local paper, formed a radio station, founded a TV station, and promoted (a Spanish-language TV network) Univision. So, I speak Rupert's language, she said. Our beliefs are quite similar. The father of six is married to six different women, five of whom were previous flight attendants, one of whom was a journalist, Anna Murdoch, and one of whom was a businesswoman. Former model Jerry Hall was his fourth wife when he married her at St Bride's Church on London's Fleet Street in 2016. They divorced in August last year.

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