Let's have a look at the celebrities who rocked the center-parting look

Let's have a look at the celebrities who rocked the center-parting look

Updated on December 10, 2022 18:05 PM by Dhinesh

Changing your hairstyle might be a big risk if you're evasive. While new highlights or a drastic chop may improve your appearance, there is also a chance that anything might go disastrously wrong. The answer? Positioning your center parting look different. Although it may appear little, adjusting the "seam" of your hair has an immediate and profoundly transformational effect. If your go-to part is normally side-swept like an 80s supermodel, switching to a more contemporary center part may transform you from traditional elegance to a current cool girl.


(Image Credits: Pinkvilla.com)

Being Rihanna, it goes without saying that she looks stunning in both outfits.

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Taylor Swift

(Image Credits: Billboard.com)

Swift only truly sports a middle part when she pulls her bangs to one side like she did when she chose this stylish updo for the 2022 VMAs.

Jennifer Lopez

(Image Credits: CNN.com)

J.Lo has a voluminous appearance thanks to the side part hairstyle, but her signature cool edge comes from the center part.

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Selena Gomez

(Image Credits: CNBC.com)

Gomez has always been a source of beauty inspiration. She frequently switches up her hairstyle. She has been seen wearing side parts, center parts, and occasionally even no parts.

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Cardi. B

(Image Credits: Billboard.com)

The rapper carries the look with her everywhere she goes, but she frequently chooses smooth center sections.

Jessica Alba

(Image Credits: Koimoi.com)

Over the years, Jessica Alba has experimented with various haircuts and hues, but the light balayage and center part is unquestionably flattering.

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Christina Aguilera

(Image Credits: Billiboard.com)

A simple hair flip is all it takes for the singer to transform from Marilyn Monroe to Xtina.

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Emily Blunt

(Image Credits: IndieWire.com)

Blunt's side part provides some more volume, but her center part, which she flat ironed, looks runway-ready.

Kerry Washington

(Image Credits: Parade.com)

The actress frequently has a side part when her hair is shorter. Her equally stunning center part usually reappears after she alters it for greater length.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

(Image Credits: People.com)

The actress typically chooses a basic center part, which makes sense given that she frequently wears her hair pulled back and tucked behind her ears.

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Amy Adams

(Image Credits: Evening Standard.com)

Adams frequently varies where she puts her part, from her dramatic part and pin-straight hair to her flowing curls split down the center.

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Ariana Grande

(Image Credits: Capital FW.com)

Grande has worn her trademark ponytail for most of her career, so it's rather new to see her with any defined part. She has experimented with various hairstyles since she let her hair down.

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(Image Credits: Teen Vogue.com)

Although she looks just as stunning with a side part, the singer decided it was "About Damn Time" to try out a center part.

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Hilary Duff

(Image Credits: USA Today.com)

Nowadays, it's uncommon to see Duff sporting a deep side part. Her traditional middle portion is attractive and current.

Cameron Diaz

(Image Credits: IndieWire.com)

Diaz had a deep side part for a long time, but she recently switched it out for centered, face-framing curtain bangs.

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(Image Credits: Vox.com)

Zendaya never hesitates to make fashion gambles, and they often pay off. The actress constantly sets the trends, whether her hair is split down the center or brushed into a dramatic side part.

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Julia Roberts

(Image Credits: Vanity Fair.com)

Over the years, Roberts has worn a variety of hairstyles, but a center part with face-framing highlights is a favorite.


(Image Credits: National Today.com)

Queen Bey has dazzled in almost every hairdo conceivable, but in recent years, she's preferred a stylish center part, as seen on the cover of Renaissance.

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Kim Kardashian

(Image Credits: TMZ.com)

When the reality star debuted a side-parted style in August 2022, Instagram went into a frenzy. Tracy Romulus and Emily Ratajkowski, two well-known pals, commented on her look, which was a significant departure from her normal center part.

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Venessa Hudgens

(Image Credits: People.com)

On the red carpet, Hudgens frequently evokes Old Hollywood style. Thus sweeping side bangs are prevalent on her. You'll also see her sporting a more fashionable center part at other events.

Keira Knightley

(Image Credits: The Famous People.com)

For many years, Keira Knightley's light brown hair was her signature look. Typically, she retains a center part in it.

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Jennifer Hudson

(Image Credits: Variety.com)

Although Hudson's exquisite appearances are identical, the way her hair is split makes them seem very distinct.

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Katy Perry

(Image Credits: People.com)

Perry often doesn't go too far from the center, even when she splits her hair to the side.

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Eilish Billie

(Image Credits: Elle.com)

Eilish may be the "Bad Guy," but she also has some redeeming qualities. The singer is always in style, as seen by her center part and bangs and the side-swept hairstyle she wore at the 2021 Met Gala.

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Lucy Liu

(Image Credits: Travel+Leisure.com)

The center part of Lucy Liu Liu's enviously beautiful hair gives her volume for days.

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McAdams, Rachel

(Image Credits: Insider.com)

The actress appears pretty much the same depending on the role she plays, partly because she has mostly stayed the same length throughout the years.

Eva Mendes

(Image Credits: New York Post.com)

Mendes seldom sports a center part in his hair. The actress has worn her stunning waves to the side for many years, but occasionally she varies it.

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Natalie Portman

(Image Credits: IMDb.com)

The actress looks good in both side and center pieces because she doesn't necessarily have a signature look.

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Joan Smalls

(Image Credits: Refinery.com)

It should be no surprise that the model looks lovely regardless of how she styles her hair.

J. A. Aniston

(Image Credits: Hollywood.com)

Aniston has had her trademark side part for many years. She occasionally astounds people with a unique, more composed manner.

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Hathaway, Anne

(Image Credits: News18.com)

With whatever style, Hathaway's lustrous hair looks fantastic. Her central part is cool and traditional, while her side part is vintage glam.

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Sienna Miller

(Image Credits: Vogue.com)

Although Miller's sweeping side is picture-perfect, her center part gives her beach waves a more contemporary feel.


This was a list of the celebrities who have given a new look to themselves by changing their hairstyles. 

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