Cruising is one of the most magical ways to arrive at a destination

Cruising is one of the most magical ways to arrive at a destination

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The gilded rooms provide every aspect of luxury life, which welcome occupants to utmost comfort. The properties have several pools, dance floors, cinemas, bars, and lounges, as well as a host of amenities for billionaires. In addition, boarding these yachts is a matter of style; owners board them in helicopters that land on the boat's deck. They are sleek, stunning vessels powered by some of the finest engines in the world.


With speed, the yachts slice through the sea without even causing slight discomfort to the occupants. Only a few luxury yachts savor the world's oceans today, and each is unique, just like its often-mysterious owners. The materials used to build the yachts are of the highest quality to ensure the shine and durability are worth their high prices.


If you had a $5 billion yacht, you might want to show off your achievements, but most people want to enjoy a cruise in luxury and style, away from the world's troubles. Typically, the costliest yachts are built to meet the needs of their owners, such as having a helipad facility on one and a large swimming pool on the upper deck for another.


Interior designs of yachts are often tailored to match the owner's personality exclusively. Which vessel would be better for you: a big ship or a small ship, a family-friendly trip or an adult-only excursion, an adventure expedition vessel, or one that is packed with entertainment? There are so many cruise lines out there, and choosing the right line for you can seem as time-consuming as it is bewildering. Each line has unique features and appeals to different tastes, so getting it right is important.

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Royal Caribbean

There are no better cruises than Royal Caribbean, which offers thrilling, activity-led cruises on which adventure is at the heart of every voyage. There is a wide range of activities to immerse yourself in, from skydiving to surf simulators on all their ships. This cruise line prides itself on fun and innovation.


There is even the novelty of being served a drink by a robot bartender on a Royal Caribbean cruise, where you can travel to more than 300 fascinating destinations worldwide. Royal Caribbean pushes the boundaries of cruise experience with several exciting innovations and cutting-edge technology.


At sea, you'll find adrenaline-pumping rides, game-changing activities, and interactive technology - which means you're guaranteed to be surprised every day. Whether you're looking for something fun for the whole family or something for your friends, Royal Caribbean has something for everyone.

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A luxury cruise line with a history dating back almost two centuries, Cunard remains synonymous with luxury cruising, combining round-the-world voyages with legendary transatlantic crossings. A long list of illustrious figures has been welcomed aboard the ships of Cunard, from royalty to Hollywood stars. They continue to do so in unprecedented luxury and throughout the world.


Experience Cunard's three world-famous ships, each an icon of nautical excellence, and tell your own story. You'll be blown away by the exquisite attention to detail when you step on board one of Cunard's ships. No other shipping line reflects Cunard's maritime elegance and illustrious heritage. A high staff-to-passenger ratio makes you feel cared for from morning to night. Polished brass fittings, Art Décor interiors, and white-gloved servers create an ambiance of a bygone age.

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P&O Cruises

There are many no-fly options on this big ship that cater to British tastes, from dining to entertainment. From Southampton, P&O sails its six ships all summer, and in winter, it offers fly-cruise excursions to sun-drenched destinations such as the Caribbean and Canaries. Depending on the ship, it may be geared toward adults, while another may be ideal for families due to its excellent children's clubs.


Strictly Come Dancing is partnered with the line to keep ballroom fans dancing, and the line's Food Heroes, such as Marco Pierre White and José Pizarro, often join special themed cruises. There are spectacular entertainment venues, a cookery school, and its gin distillery on board Iona, the largest ship ever built for the UK market.

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Marella Cruises

This is one of the best cruise ship spas available at sea, and its prices are all-inclusive and regional flights are available. You can join Marella's four ships from regional airports in the UK with a wide range of departure options that are affordable and all-inclusive. The only seagoing venture for Champneys, the legendary wellness brand, features a superb spa on Marella Explorer and Marella Explorer 2, designed for spa fans. The entertainment is aimed at British tastes, and the atmosphere is friendly and happy.

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Celebrity Cruises

On Celebrity's 14 ultra-modern ships, guests can experience a contemporary, luxurious cruise experience with high-tech entertainment and delicious dining options. With Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex as its younger sister, younger nightlife enthusiasts are attracted. At the same time, their five predecessors have a beautiful half-acre lawn on their top deck, where you can take a drink of Pimms while enjoying the sunshine. Several perks to upgrading to The Retreat include Kelly Hoppen-designed accommodations and Luminae, a restaurant exclusive to suite guests.

MSC Cruises

MSC is an Italian-owned cruise line with big, glitzy ships geared toward international audiences who want lively entertainment and high-end shopping. It is the ideal place for a full big ship experience: lavish spas, buzzing nightlife, and round-the-clock activities. In the summer of 2020, the line was the first big ship operator to implement new health protocols. It is worth upgrading to the MSC Yacht Club, which has its lounge, sundeck, and restaurant, plus access to a private lounge. You can find great deals for families with MSC during the school holidays.

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Princess Cruises

Enchanted Princess, the new ship launched by Princess Cruises during the lockdown, enhances an already young and modern fleet perfect for multigenerational groups with various activities. Its glitzy entertainment, glamorous dress-up nights, and impressive dining options, particularly Sabatini's, a restaurant offering Italian food on each ship, make Princess a favorite among cruise passengers. The Princess expedition ship pioneered Movies Under the Stars, offering giant screens on deck and a wearable device that allows you to locate your family around the ship via a wearable device, Ocean Medallion.

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Fred Olsen Cruises

A traditional vessel with a small-ship feel that is best suited for imaginative itineraries. In addition to its friendly service and imaginative itineraries, Fred Olsen has four ships with a sleek, classic profile and a friendly, traditional cruise experience. Bolette and Borealis were acquired from Holland America Line by the line in the spring of 2020.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

It is perfect for families; Norwegian ships are always full of entertainment. The vibe on Norwegian's brightly colored, big ships is round-the-clock razzle-dazzle, with original Broadway shows, water slides, outdoor nightclubs, and the longest go-kart track on board. There are multiple restaurants on each ship, many of which are included in the fare and unmatched entertainment for families. The Haven suites offer a peaceful retreat from the action.

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Holland America Line

The sleek, stylish vessels of Holland America Line embrace maritime traditions and appeal to mature travelers who value fine food and innovative itineraries. Holland America Line best suits mature travelers looking for a traditional cruise experience. BB King's Blues Club, Rolling Stone, and Lincoln Center Stage have partnered with the newest ships to offer great live music. The company offers a variety of land tours and train rides along with its cruises throughout the world, but the company is especially strong in Alaska.

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Viking Ocean Cruises

With Viking's oceangoing fleet of nine nearly-identical ships, all evoking soothing Scandi chic, it's the perfect cruise for adults who want a thoughtfully designed cruise experience that includes excursions and specialty dining. In addition to the all-balcony accommodations, excellent cuisine, excursions included, and the ship's sheer beauty, from the infinity pool to the gorgeous spa, Viking's popularity is due to the ship's beauty.


Whether you want to discover Norwegian culture and traditions or explore the polar regions on a quiet, environmentally friendly ship, Hurtigruten offers two types of cruises. Norway's traditional fleet provides year-round service along the coast of Norway's fjords, where you can see the northern lights in winter. In the meantime, a high-tech expedition fleet of hybrid-powered ships explores the high Arctic and Antarctica.

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Its eight ultra-luxurious, all-inclusive ships attract wealthy, active travelers looking for the best standards of luxury at sea. Silversea has Italian flair, fine dining, and attentive service on board that appeals to affluent, active travelers. Among the fleet are three expedition ships that roam the world with expert guides, while the Silver Origin offers a new level of Galapagos cruising. There are in-depth culinary tours and experiences on the line's newest ship, Silver Moon.

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Star Clippers

The best way to experience sheer romance is to watch the sails rise or lie on deck at night to watch the stars. A swashbuckling adventure awaits you on Star Clippers' three-square riggers adorned with gleaming wood, polished brass, and teak decking as they cruise across the world. You can help the crew hoist the sails, climb to the crow's nest for a bird's eye view, or relax in the bowsprit nets as you watch for dolphins. Small, out-of-the-way ports and peaceful anchorages are the hallmarks of the ships' travels throughout the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Caribbean.

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Noble Caledonia

There are excellent tour leaders and excursions, many of which include meals ashore or cultural experiences. The Noble Caledonia is a popular cruise with Brits. Thanks to its adventurous, small-ship itineraries that emphasize culture, they are looking for a richly educational tour with all tours included. There are no casinos or Broadway entertainment, only a friendly, social atmosphere. You'll have the benefit of sharing tables at mealtimes and being on tour together most of the time, which makes these cruises ideal for solo travelers.

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Oceania Cruises

Suitable for adults who enjoy fine dining and exploring in ports. Known for its culinary excellence, Oceania prides itself on its specialty dining options, which include steakhouses on each ship, gourmet Asian restaurants, classic French restaurants, and modern Italian restaurants, all of which are included with the cruise fee. The line offers destination-intensive cruises on its six medium-size ships that maximize port time.

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SeaDream Yacht Club

You'll find intuitive service, exceptional dining, and an open bar on SeaDream's two 112-passenger ships. You'll feel like you're on a private yacht with intuitive service, excellent dining, and an open bar on SeaDream's two 112-passenger ships. During your voyages to the Caribbean and Mediterranean, the ships follow the sun, enjoying the champagne-fueled pool and beach parties.

Variety Cruises

People who are Greekophiles or want a small, friendly ship will enjoy it. Variety Cruises, owned by Greeks, offers culturally focused itineraries across the globe, including the Greek islands and Seychelles, on small, classic ships. Although the meals on board in Greece are excellent, many cruises in Greece are half-board, so you're sure to find plenty of great restaurants ashore.

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Saga Cruises

The Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure are two almost identical ships operated by Saga for over-50s travelers. Every cabin has a private balcony, the interior is beautifully designed, and the entertainment is tailored to British tastes, which makes Saga a high-end experience. Many events make singles feel welcome, too, making Saga ideal for solo travelers.

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The three mid-sized Azamara ships offer a combination of cultural immersion and a small ship feel. They offer a variety of itineraries that allow for maximum time in ports while focusing on cultural excursions. AzAmazing Evenings are a signature line feature involving private concerts and cultural performances ashore at exceptional venues, including Ephesus, Turkey, a magnificent archaeological site. A glamorous White Nights party is also held on every cruise.

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A seafaring experience that is simply unforgettable, Seabourn offers ultra-luxury cruises in a relaxed, intimate setting, which features lavish dining and a luxurious theatre on its intimate ships. From world-renowned cities to small, exclusive ports not accessible to larger ships, Seabourn sails to some of the most desirable destinations worldwide.


It's not surprising that Seabourn is regarded as one of the leaders in small-ship, ultra-luxury cruising. Almost equal to the number of guests on board, the crew serves you in Seabourn's signature style of thoughtful, personalized, and heartfelt hospitality. Each crew member is carefully selected and trained to provide thoughtful, personalized, and heartfelt service.


Passengers who enjoy traveling in style and meeting like-minded people flock to Seabourn's luxurious ships, which offer one of the best ocean waves experiences. It is an environment that allows you to blissfully lose yourself through exquisite, award-winning dining, luxurious spas, state-of-the-art gyms, and enthralling musical productions. Aside from impeccable service and unsurpassed hospitality, you can count on it all.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Cruisers who want the best service can find this ship the best choice. With five ships reminiscent of luxury boutique hotels, Regent is one of the finest luxury cruise lines on the planet. In addition to all-suite accommodations, shore excursions, airport transfers, WiFi, fine dining in multiple restaurants, and drinks, Regent prides itself on its beautiful vessels. Seven Seas Explorer sails internationally; in summer, you can explore Alaska's wilderness in ultimate comfort with the ship's Alaska season.

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Celestyal Cruises

It's the best way to experience Greek hospitality while cruising at an affordable price. As part of Celestyal's Athens sailings, they aim to provide a genuine immersion into Greek culture through Greek cuisine, entertainment, and carefully planned excursions for an international audience that is generally quite diverse. As well as short cruises around the Greek islands, the line offers longer trips to Turkey and Israel.

Viking River Cruises

A Viking Longship is a luxury cruise ship designed for hygge: neutral colors, soothing textures, and natural light that exemplify the Scandinavian concept of hygge. In addition to well-planned itineraries and high-quality cuisine, Viking sails in Europe, Asia, and Egypt starting in 2019 and includes shore excursions in all ports and some cases, adding on land stays, such as exploring Transylvania after a Danube cruise.

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You, our guests, are at the center of everything we do from start to finish. Our mission is to take you to great regions and immerse you in meaningful and enriching experiences. With an exquisite menu, indulgent wellness, and a team that anticipates your every need, it's truly a world-class experience. With Scenic, the difference is in the details:


  • Our ship design is innovative.
  • Our crews are highly trained.
  • Our safety protocols are unrivaled.


We take you beyond the idyllic waterways of Europe - we take you on handcrafted and unique itineraries that reveal each destination's true treasures. Our most intimate 5-star ship, Scenic Spirit, sails along the mystical Mekong in South East Asia while we explore more rivers than ever before, including the Rhine, Danube, Dordogne, and Garonne.


Once you board one of our award-winning river cruises, you will pack your luggage and settle into your luxurious suite. We ensure that every guest journey is exceptional with our all-inclusive river cruise experience and our signature 5-star service, backed by our 37 years of experience. Let us take you on a remarkable journey that you will remember forever. Join us on a luxury river cruise in Europe or South East Asia.

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Riviera Travel

A smart, friendly cruise line that caters to British tastes. Riviera Travel ships are affordable and comfortable and include excursions for a mostly British clientele. The line offers a wide range of itineraries, many of which sail at a pleasant pace, exploring the destinations in greater depth. Flights or train travel and transfers are included in the cruise price, making it an excellent value cruise line.

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Luxury river cruises with plenty of wellness options are what AmaWaterways offers. They offer river cruises in Europe, Asia, southern Africa, and Egypt that cater mainly to North American customers seeking quality, comfortable cruises. The AmaMagna, one of the most luxurious riverboats in Europe, sails the Danube and has qualified fitness trainers on almost every cruise. There are also bikes on every ship.

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Designed to reflect the history and culture of the regions where they sail, Uniworld's ships are extravagantly beautiful and ornate, making them the best for an ultra-luxury, all-inclusive cruise in palatial surroundings. The SS Sphinx was added to the fleet in 2015, along with the Mekong Jewel and Venetian lagoon. In Uniworld's ships, indoor pools convert into cozy, intimate nightclubs at night.

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The best cruise company for stylish cruises with a wide range of activities. Founded in Australia, APT offers luxury, all-inclusive cruises throughout the world. The quality of the ships is reflected in the fact that APT charters ships from AmaWaterways in Europe. Among the Signature, excursions are private music recitals and visits to castles hosted by royalty, among other unique, tailor-made experiences.

Emerald Waterways

In addition to contemporary comfort and unique onboard innovations, our deluxe fleet of revolutionary Star-Ships offers an extensive itinerary across Europe and Asia that offers great dining, exceptional service, and immersive itineraries that combine affordability with exceptional service.


Whether you're sailing on one of our award-winning ships or exploring a nearby town for the day, we strive to ensure that every trip is perfectly planned. There are ten European countries and many ancient capitals along the Danube, while the Mekong passes through Cambodia and Vietnam.


Emerald Cruises offers a unique experience on every river it explores. We've taken care of everything with Emerald Cruises' river cruises, from return flights to transfers to onboard meals, complimentary drinks, tips, and more. Emerald Cruises' attentive crew, sommeliers, and personal butlers make every minute on board the fleet as enjoyable, relaxing, and enriching as possible for our guests.


A highly skilled Cruise Director is present on every Emerald Cruises river cruise. They serve as tour guides, storytellers, and problem-solvers on board and are ready to share their near-limitless repertoire. There is at least one EmeraldPLUS excursion on every Emerald Cruises river cruise, allowing you to discover the authentic culture and history of the regions visited. You will be taken to places out of reach for the average traveler, to the very heart of the destinations, by expert-led experiences.

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Avalon Waterways

It offers an active, health-conscious cruise experience to those interested in local culture and a luxurious and contemporary cruise. Avalon's 17 river ships offer a culturally immersive, active cruise experience in Europe and Asia. Panorama Suites are the most desirable on European ships, with floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto private balconies. Hiking, jogging, cycling, kayaking, and art classes are just some activities offered on excursions. Using local ingredients and vegetarian options, Avalon Fresh dishes combine regional specialties with Avalon Fresh options.

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