The best-selling author Gillian Flynn invites fans on a cruise

The best-selling author Gillian Flynn invites fans on a cruise

Updated on July 27, 2022 15:15 PM by Ava Sara

Author Gillian Flynn is now meeting with fans. Gone Girl Cruise attendees will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the psychological thriller and learn about the 51-year-old author's stories. Avalon Waterways' Storyteller Series cruise takes fans sailing along the Danube River from Budapest to Vienna.

Flynn will also sign books, lead canoe tours, and answer questions. "A week aboard the 'Killer Queen' is a killer opportunity," the website said. Sign up for PEOPLE's free daily newsletter to stay on top of celebrity news, compelling human interest stories, and more.

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Gone Girl came before Sharp Objects and Dark Places. She wrote the script for the 2018 movie Widows and created the Amazon Prime Video series Utopia since Gone Girl. In May, she told PEOPLE she felt fans' anticipation.

She said, "It's a fictional pressure, but to be honest, I wish I'd published something five years ago." It's like thinking, "She finally published Gone Girl ten years after it was published!" She better do well!'" It won't be a sequel, but Flynn plans to return to Gone Girl at some point.

Nick stays in the marriage reluctantly after Amy frames him for her murder and reveals she's pregnant. The novel ends with Amy revealing she's pregnant. Flynn said he may update and play around with what would've happened once Amy became a mom once the child born 10 years ago reaches 13, 14 in real-time.

That's the stuff of wonderful gothic nightmares." I'd be surprised if I didn't, to be honest. I'm more certain than never-say-never. "Don't hold me to it," she said. It would be fun to play in real-time, and I would be able to revisit them after that.

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