The World’s Most Expensive Cruises That Are Extremely Impressive!

The World’s Most Expensive Cruises That Are Extremely Impressive!

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Who doesn't like a luxurious experience? We all like to pamper ourselves from time to time. Taking a break from our mundane lifestyle, we like to experience a holiday or a vacation where we can just sit back and enjoy the luxurious services. There are many such opportunities on land to indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, but these luxurious experiences are limited at sea. Yet, experiences at sea is far better than on land. Cruise ships are often the first choice for experiences at sea, for the simple reason that they are more affordable than yachts. Some cruise ships are set on redefining the luxury experience by providing premier facilities and world-class amenities. So we have compiled a list of the most expensive cruises globally that provide new innovative offers on-board.

The allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas

Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas are two of the most expensive cruise ships in the world. In 2009, Allure of the Seas became the largest passenger ship in the world to be launched. Its length is 1,187 feet and has a total of 18 decks. The cruise can take in almost 6,780 people, excluding the 2,200 members of the crew. This cruise ship has a theatre that can accommodate 1,380 people, apart from having an ice skating rink and a two-deck dance hall! Oasis of the Seas is similar in aspects with Allure of the Seas, except for its length. It's a little bit shorter than Allure of the Seas.

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The fifth-largest cruise ship in the world, AIDAnova was built by Meyer Werft. Its production cost is around $1.1 billion, and its length is 337 meters. What sets this cruise ship apart is that this is the first cruise ship in the world that can be powered using liquefied natural gas, at sea and in port! And also features a 360-degree theatre for all the entertainment lovers!

Norwegian Epic

This cruise ship of the Norwegian cruise lines cost around $1.2 billion for its construction! What sets it apart is that it features one of the largest Aqua Park. And good news for the single people is that they even have cabins exclusively for the passengers traveling solo! Its length is 329.45 meters and was ranked third globally for its size and ability to accommodate 4,228 people.

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Norwegian Bliss

The cost of production of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Bliss is around $1 billion. The length of this ship is 1,094 feet and has 20 decks. It can carry up to 4000 people, excluding the 1700 members of the crew. And the fun part is that – it has a two-storeyed go-kart track!

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 Carnival Mardi Gras

The production cost of Carnival Mardi Gras of Carnival cruise was around $950 Million. This ship has the first-ever rollercoaster at sea, called BOLT. It also features a large waterpark, a spa with a Thalassotherapy pool, and a takeaway venue in partnership with Shaquille O'Neal, Carnival's brand ambassador. Apart from these, many other features make it one of the best and most expensive luxury ships globally.

Celebrity Edge

STX France built this billion-dollar cruise ship. It has a tonnage of 130,818GT. It can carry up to 2,918 people, excluding the 1377 members of the crew. The length of this cruise ship is 1,004 feet. The ship features a theatre that is one of the most technologically advanced. And there are also the very captivating spiral staircases!

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