What Did Fans Think Of The Third Episode Of Succession Season 4?

What Did Fans Think Of The Third Episode Of Succession Season 4?

Updated on April 11, 2023 11:17 AM by Andrew Koschiev

A new generation of Roys dies suddenly on Connor's wedding day in episode 3 of Succession season 4. Fans were more or less anticipating this because of the lead-up to the episode, but it hasn't stopped them from mourning his death. Throughout the series, Logan has become a love-hate relationship among viewers because of his cunning and ruthless nature.

Ten episodes are left in the ongoing final season, and the storyline will be interesting to see if it evolves and changes as one of the most crucial characters leaves. In the third episode, Logan falls sick on the flight on his way to Connor's wedding; he collapses in the bathroom. The flight crew's best efforts are to save him, but he does not survive. With Logan gone, the lives of Roy, Shiv, and Kendall will be turned upside down. Plotlines in the show are likely to take drastic turns shortly.

Succession Logan's Death Is Discussed On Twitter

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Logan was expected to die, but the news utterly shocked many people. Twitter was filled with tributes to him. Logan Roy died on a plane toilet, rather than at the wedding of his firstborn son, surrounded by his family and everything he loved and was loved by.

One commenter wrote, "Login Roy deserved this exact type of death." I believe fans of the show are reacting differently to Logan's death, as he is estranged from all his children, surrounded by people who are only concerned with business, without receiving resolution or forgiveness." Others are going through the five stages of grief due to the ending.

A New Show Is On Its Way

An American television series, Succession, tells the story of a family whose family owns a media conglomerate. Logan Roy is the patriarch, and his children compete to succeed him as CEO. HBO describes the show, "As media conglomerate Waystar Royco moves closer to being sold to tech visionary Lukas Matsson, the show is on its way to being broadcast soon. 

With the anticipation of what their lives will look like after this seismic sale, the Roys experience existential angst and domestic division. The family weighs up the implications of a future in which their political and cultural weight is severely curtailed in a power struggle.

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