Review Of The Night Agent: A political Thriller Twist

Review Of The Night Agent: A political Thriller Twist

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As the title suggests, A 2012 novel by Matthew Quirk inspired this political thriller. What is a night agent? He is an FBI agent named Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso), who saves ordinary people on a subway train from a bomb. Undercover operatives can call a helpline phone in the basement of the White House to let the powers-that-be know that they are in trouble, and he is put on desk duty in the basement doing admin. It's so frustrating never to get a call from Peter. He is a conscientious admin who would love a thrill - perhaps even a political one.

Diane Farr's trust in the crew 

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There is trouble across town for a pair of undercover operatives (professionally and romantically). They send their niece Rose Larkin (Luciane Buchanan) to a phone down the street to call yes, just before they face their death. They whisper about a possible Russian mole in the White House just before they face death. We see Diane Farr (Hong Chau) assign Peter the responsibility of keeping Rose safe while the president's chief of staff is killed. "I trust you completely," she says as she begins to kill our undercover lovers. This seems odd, and I would like to ask a few questions about it (like why the actors chose to wear 23-year-old actors in such cheap gray wigs), but there is no time to ask questions. The script is taking shape as it goes!

Here is the review of The Night Agent

Throughout "The Night Agent," there are subtle touches that make it clear its writers and directors are truly trying an unusual and welcome occurrence. Despite her solicitous exterior, Chau has real spine and chemistry; Basso and Buchanan also have chemistry as two assassins for whom murder serves as an aphrodisiac; Eve Harlow and Phoenix Raei do the same in a skewed manner. There are some truly surprising twists to the far-reaching conspiracy, ones that will not be spoiled here.

There are moments when the dialogue could be sharper than the performers, and much is resolved with exposition toward the end of the show. Although the show is rarely better than it might be, it is a pleasure to see a show that is so compelling that it makes viewers curious and intrigued: "The Night Agent" is an intricate show that propels viewers forward relentlessly.

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