Meet 'The Lost One': Marvel's New Multiverse Secret

Meet 'The Lost One': Marvel's New Multiverse Secret

Updated on April 12, 2023 15:07 PM by Andrew Koschiev

With the introduction of The Lost One, Marvel Comics has once again retconned the origins of the Multiverse. This new all-powerful god existed before the Omniverse. In addition to creating the Beyonders, The Lost One is also responsible for changing a key part of Marvel's history, making him Marvel's strongest being in the universe. During All-Out Avengers, a powerful creature stole the minds of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, forcing them to move from one world-ending crisis to another.

A New Threat Awaits The Avengers

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Avengers Beyond brings back the Earth's Mightiest Heroes for an action-packed sequel. The mastermind behind Avengers Beyond #1 is none other than the original Beyonder from Secret Wars, who was "training" the Avengers to combat an upcoming threat to him, the Lost One, by Derek Landy, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Frank D'Armata.

According to the Beyonder's story, a creature known as the Beyonder created the Beyonders before the Omniverse, giving them the "tiniest fraction" of his power. After becoming jealous of their creator, the Beyonders attacked him, stealing his power and trapping him for eons, only for him to be freed and start hunting his treacherous creations.

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Marvel's Lost One Is the Most Powerful Cosmic God

It is usually considered the most powerful character in Marvel history to be the Beyonders. As they do not belong to the Marvel Multiverse, they are not subject to its rules, which makes them superior to beings at the top of the cosmic hierarchy, such as the Living Tribunal. It would put this new character on an entirely different level of power if the Lost One had created the Beyonders but only given them a fraction of his powers.

Al Ewing and Javier Rodrguez's excellent Defenders: Beyond #2 recounts the origins of the Beyonders and the Multiverse in conflict with the Lost One's story. As a failsafe measure during the Second Cosmos, the Celestials gave the Beyonders the power to destroy their creators to create their species.

The Contradiction Will Be Clarified

The creative team for All-Out Avengers and Beyond was already working on these projects when Defenders: Beyond #2 was released. In Avengers Beyond #4, Derek Landy explained on Twitter that this contradiction would be explained by showing that the Celestials created the Lost One, who did, in turn, create the Beyonders, a detail that the all-powerful beings left out.

Although the Lost One was posthumously corrected, his presence in Marvel lore remains cumbersome. Marvel's comic books prove that everything is possible, and he shouldn't be able to defeat the Avengers because he's so powerful. Whether the Lost One will disappear or remain a key player in future events of the Marvel Multiverse will be interesting to see at the end of this series.

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