A 2024 Spin-Off Sony Spider-Man Movie To Get An Unsatisfactory Update

A 2024 Spin-Off Sony Spider-Man Movie To Get An Unsatisfactory Update

Updated on April 11, 2023 15:25 PM by Andrew Koschiev

El Muerto, the upcoming spin-off movie from Sony, Spider-Man, has a disappointing and unsatisfactory update. It has been disclosed to be in the works in April 2022. Based on an ambiguous Spider-Man feature, Bad Bunny was cast in the lead role in the series El Muerto. This character has covered the main concerns of Marvel Comics, though it is headed toward the big screen. It seems that the movie of El Muerto is facing some delays. Bad Bunny attended an interview with Time. Initially, January 2024 was decided to be the film's release date. Later, he clarified that El Muerto is 'at a standstill' due to recent developments.

Could the Release Date of Sony's El Muerto be Postponed?

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With only a confirmed release date of Jan. 12, 2024, little is known about El Muerto beyond its creative team. Director Jonás Cuarón and screenwriter Garreth Dunnet-Alcocer are attached to the project, but there have been no important updates in the past year. With less than a year to go before the supposed release, it seems unlikely that filming has even started, let alone completed. Even if principal photography is abbreviated, post-production work will still be necessary. Unless Sony Pictures rushes the process, El Muerto will probably face delays.

Sony to Revise the plan for El Muerto

On the positive side, a delay could potentially benefit Sony's Madame Web movie, which is set to release just a month after El Muerto. Sony is likely going to reevaluate the plans to publicize El Muerto. With several responses to the announcement of 2022, it will be a shocking revelation if they tussle it all together. Sources from 'Time' will reveal how El Muerto suits into the Universe plans of Spider-Man, streaming on Sony Channel when it goes viral at once. 

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