Film Review Of Shazam Fury Of The Gods

Film Review Of Shazam Fury Of The Gods

Updated on March 18, 2023 13:00 PM by Andrew Koschiev

It's immediately apparent in Shazam's first scene that it's like a David F. Sandberg film, when the daughters of Atlas ask many people to 'unleash the chaos,' and they do the same by forming a zombie chain reaction which eventually turns everyone into dust. As much as the intro scene screams David F. Sandberg, afterward, it focuses on the typical superhero activities of saving the world & families. 

Is there a reason why the daughters of Atlas are causing chaos on Earth? As you recall, Shazam broke the magic staff in the first movie, and that was the goddesses' property, so they're here to unleash their fury on gullible Earthc. His foster family also has superpowers, and it's hard to guess who will stand with him to fight the gods' fury.

A script analysis of the movie Fury of the Gods

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A story they know and understand is infused with the exact two flavors by Henry Gayden & Chris Morgan. By Henry, we get an idea that a superhero is doing routine stuff, and Chris, who has written six of the ten Fast & Furious films, explains why a family is needed to save the superhero. While it nails the fun parts, it doesn't deliver elsewhere.

It gets a lot more interesting when the film doesn't try to do the superhero stuff, from the lead hero visiting a pediatrician for therapy to the 'Chat GPT' like pen named Steve helping the team write letters. In any case, it follows the same pattern as all other superhero movies nowadays by posing a threat to a country or world and having the heroes clean up the mess to earn applause at the end.

Families with superheroes

The imposter syndrome and childlike ability of Zachary Levi to handle Shazam's superhero duties continue to make him the Deadpool for kids. With the first two parts, the idea of a full-bodied, harmless, innocent superhero has just been scratched, but it may develop into something. Even though Adam Brody, Ross Butler, and other superheroes from the family play a small role in the film, they only gain a little attention. 

Although Rachel Zegler has a lot of screen time, she only gets a little to explore despite being part of one of the most boring tracks in the film. It is important that Lucy Liu & Helen Mirren were given more attention as Anne's sisters and daughters of Atlas. Djimon Hounsou brings comic relief whenever the narrative starts to sink with his wizard character.

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