Discover Famous CT Siblings On National Siblings Day

Discover Famous CT Siblings On National Siblings Day

Updated on April 11, 2023 13:26 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As an unofficial holiday, April 10 is also known as National Siblings Day, which celebrates siblings' relationships with one another. Claudia Evart started the holiday in 1995 after losing her brother and sister to tragic accidents at a very young age. As Evart explained on the Siblings Day Foundation website, the holiday was created to emphasize the value of siblings.

Sisters D'Amelio

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Their combined 207 million followers on Tik Tok make them one of the most famous sisters on Tik Tok. When Tik Tok was experiencing extreme growth at the start of the pandemic, the D'Amelio sisters gained new levels of internet fame. With her sister’s fame, Dixie became a singer and songwriter after becoming known for her dance videos. She became the most-followed person on the platform and quickly became the most popular. They also have a clothing line with Hollister called Social Tourist that traces its roots to the family's fame.

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Ice dancing duo Shibutani 'ShibSibs'

The "ShibSibs" siblings, both born and raised in Greenwich, learned to skate at Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink in Byram, where they both grew up and learned to skate. It also won two bronze medals and one silver medal at various world championships, including the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018. ShibSibs are only the second sibling duo in ice dancing history to receive a medal at the Olympics. They were the first ice dancers of Asian descent to do so.

Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler

The Winklevoss Twins, born in Greenwich and raised in the area, are famous for their 2006 settlement with Facebook worth $65 million. The Winklevoss twins' lawsuit was celebrated in 2010, when Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg interacted with them at Harvard University, leading up to the lawsuit, in the movie "The Social Network." 

Armie Hammer played both brothers in the movie. To help people connect virtually, Cameron and Tyler initially sought Zuckerberg's programming skills. While Zuckerberg initially helped the twins develop their "HarvardConnect" platform, he began working on a similar project,, which is similar to HarvardConnect. 

When Zuckerberg launched Facebook, the Winklevoss twins sued, claiming that Zuckerberg stole their idea. They became among the first Bitcoin billionaires when they invested their winnings from their class-action suit into Bitcoin. They received $20 million in cash and $45 million in Facebook stock in 2008.

The Carpenters

The Carpenters, the musical duo consisting of Karen and Richard Carpenter, were born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. The siblings were born in New Haven in 1950 and 1946 and lived there until 1963 before moving to Downey, California. There were 18 Grammy nominations and three wins: Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group, Best New Artist, and Best Contemporary Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group.

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