Claim To Fame Season 2 Comes To An End With Disclosures Of Finalists

Claim To Fame Season 2 Comes To An End With Disclosures Of Finalists

Updated on August 29, 2023 14:31 PM by Ella Bina

Who is Chris, Gabriel & Monay?

Claim To Fame Season 2 Comes To An End With Disclosures Of Finalists

(Who is Chris, Gabriel & Monay? /Image Credits:Entertainment Weekly,Gossip Next Door,Deseret News)

ABC aired the finale of reality series known as ‘Claim to fame’ season 2 on August 28th which will also be telecasted on Hulu the next day. The finalists are Chris, Gabriel, and Monay who will be predicting each other’s celebrity relatives.
The company that is producing this show has already successfully produced ‘Love is blind’ and 'Married at first sight’ before. ‘Claim to fame’ is slightly different from ‘Survivors’ as participants who are related to celebrities are engaged.

Fun & challenging show

Claim To Fame Season 2 Comes To An End With Disclosures Of Finalists

(Fun & challenging show /Image Credits:IMDb)

Executive producer Eric Detwiler while talking to Variety shared that he wanted to create such a show that works on different criteria for elimination competition. According to him, introducing such a show was fun and challenging.
The show revolves around secreting each other’s celebrities’ identities although living together under one roof and participating in a variety of tasks and challenges. In this season everyone is related to a celebrity and finding out who belongs to whom is the main challenge. By the end of each episode one contestant has to go back home failing to complete the challenge.

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Concerns about hosts of the show

Detwiler was not so sure about Franklin hosting the show with Kevin as Kevin had been quite famous for his hosting skills and was liked by the audience. 

Tom Hanks' niece and Eddie Murphy’s daughter were among the contestants but the hiring criteria is not based on prejudice whereas it is all about personalities who lightens the show with their presence.

A unique show

Claim To Fame Season 2 Comes To An End With Disclosures Of Finalists

(A unique show /Image Credits:Parade)

‘Claim to fame’ season 2 is a unique reality show which does not include wealthy women or internationally well-known couples but this show has contestants who are relatives of award winners and they have much more to share about their real-life experiences. They know their worth of being related to celebrities so they have nothing to fake.
When asked on what criteria the creative team decides which celebrities are famous to cast the relatives, he replied the bigger the better. He further added if an XYZ celebrity is only for certain things it will be hard to give clues about that celebrity. We find contestants whose relatives have been in the industry for a long time.
Detwiler revealed that many celebrities pressured him to cast their relatives in the show when he was looking for contestants in season 1 but for season 2, he ignored all such apprehensions.

Who made it to the finale?

Nieces of Dolly Parton and Jenny McCarthy, daughter of J.B. Smoove and sister of Alicia Keys have already been casted on the basis of their strong connection to celebrities. Finally, Gabriel who is brother of Nick Cannon made it to the finale winning $100,000 and the hearts of his audience.

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