Big Brother 25, Episode 6 Recap

Big Brother 25, Episode 6 Recap

Updated on August 17, 2023 18:04 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Big Brother 25, Episode 6 Recap

(Big Brother 25, Episode 6 Recap'/Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly)

With Big Brother season 25 current Head of Household being Hisam, episode 6 is not short of drama as Hisam is one of those dudes who do exactly what they want.

Funny enough some fans have called it a poor game plan, while others are all for his stability and sureness, i on the other hand just enjoys the drama he brings to show.

So if you missed Episode 6 and you’re wondering what happened, I’m here to walk you through a detailed recap following time stamps. So get your tea as we go through another episode of drama in the Big Brother house.

Detailed Recap According To Time Stamps 

Beginning of episode: 8:00 p.m

Big brother often starts with a preview of the previous episode, which in this case is Episode 5. In the previous episode, Hisam won the Scary-verse-themed Head of Household competition, while Jared came in second place and was stuck in the nether region although he later found out that he could choose a replacement and that person will be safe from eviction for the week. To which he choose Jag. While Hisam told Cameron and Riley he would put them up for eviction, which he did without a second thought. 

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8:04 p.m

Following the Nomination Ceremony, Hisam mentioned that he set Reilly which was his main target against Cameron to cause a division. While Cameron kept his cool because he knows he’s not the target, Reilly wasn’t shocked, but seemed agitated as she cornered Hisam to speak to him privately.

She told him that she wants “a clean slate” and would be willing to work with him to which he replied that she already put him as a target so it will be weird if he didn't put her up for eviction. Later in the Diary Room, she vocalized that he was “preaching honesty and integrity,” but she sees through his facade.

8:07 p.m

Jag returns from the Nether region. However, had did not have a message for the house guest leaving him anxious of the decision he may have to make later in the week.

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8:09 p.m

After his Nominations, Hisam took to campaigning through the house to make sure no one takes Reilly off the block. Explaining to Matt that saving her could put him in danger. Matt recognized the conversation as a threat, making him to want to be picked to play in the Power of Veto comp so that he can take her down.

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Big Brother 25, Episode 6 Recap

(Big Brother 25, Episode 6 Recap'/Image Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

8:14 p.m

The Scary-verse transmission arrived later to instruct Jag to select a new houseguest to go to the Nether Region, causing them to miss the POV player selection and thus being unable to compete in the comp. Jag in the end opted for a volunteer to replace him to which Bowie accepted and became jags top prospect.

8:18 p.m

When the gong sounded, time was up for Jag’s thinking. In front of the house, Jag selected Bowie the only volunteer to go to the Nether Region although he mentioned it wasn't an easy decision. Bowie said in the DR that she volunteered to ensure that Red would still be eligible to play in the comp because he’s a strong competitor for her side of the house. However, Reilly and Hisam were not pleased with this decision.

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8:24 p.m

When the time came to pick the six players for the Veto Competition, Hisam, Reilly and Cameron all selected a chip from the bag. Hisam picked Matt, Cameron picked America, and Reilly picked the Houseguest’s Choice chip and selected Blue to play.

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8:32 p.m

For the comp, the six players played independently for a timed challenge in the Scramble-verse. Cameron, America, Hisam and Reilly completed the challenge easily but Matt and Blue had significant trouble.

8:48 p.m

The results of the timed comp were: Blue in third place with 2 minutes 36 seconds, Cameron in second place with 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and Hisam in first place as the winner with 1 minute at 45 seconds. To which Reilly was highly disappointed.

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8:52 p.m

Hisam and Reilly meets again as Reilly hopes Hisam will dramatically change his mind. But he told her he would not take her name down and would also ask the house for help vote her out.

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8:56 p.m

At the Veto Meeting, Hisam made the announcement that he would not be using the POV on either of his nominees. He added that Reilly is his target and said that her HOH reign was the cause of the house split asking for other houseguest to help him vote her out. Cameron felt OK in his position, but Reilly did not buy that it was because of her that the house split and vowed to take him down if she stays.

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