Bingwatch Gabriel Making a Win-Win Situation In Claim To Fame - 2

Bingwatch Gabriel Making a Win-Win Situation In Claim To Fame - 2

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Introduction(ImageCredits:Just Jared Jr.)

Hosted by none other than two of the most famous Jonas brothers, Claim To Fame is a reality TV show having a set of 12 contestants. One fine rule of the show is that each contestant is associated with one of the famous faces of the media and that’s what has to be kept as a secret within them. The show gets you hooked having multiple competitions for the players.

Gabriel’s Character In The Show

While most of you who don’t miss a single episode of the Claim To Fame Reality TV show can relate to how genius Gabriel has been throughout the series. Before becoming a known face on this show, Gabriel used to make singles and tunes on Apple Music. He’s a prominent figure in the show. The game is all about winning reality TV deception and challenges while getting to know other contestants’ celebrity relationships. While many of the players failed to keep the secrecy of their relationships with the celebrities, this became the reason for Gabriel’s success in Claim to Fame for keeping his secrecy game stronger.

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Gabriel’s Deception 

Gabriel’s Deception (ImageCredits:StyleCaster)

To confuse their fellow contestants, in the first place, Gabriel lied about his identity claiming that he is associated with an athlete named Julius Peppers who was a retired NFL player. Many of the contestants believed and started associating him with that athlete figure. Gabriel later mentioned that even though he has a relationship with that athlete, in terms of his appearance, he doesn’t resemble him. 

Later on the lie detector test, it was claimed that he didn't belong to any athlete, he continued to fool around his fellow contestants in such a manner that seemed true leaving them confused to the core. 

Gabriel’s gameplay and impact left them all in awe when the fact was revealed that he belongs to none other than Nick who was the one hosting the show. Massive applause for Gabriel for pulling it off so tactfully that none of the contestants got even close to knowing what he was lying about since the start. 

Spoilers for Claim To Fame Season 2 claim its viewers to know how much truth it beholds that Gabriel belongs to Nick in reality. 

It got a bit closer to the truth when contestants got to know through the hint that the person whom Gabriel resembles has 12 kids in total just then Nick Cannon's identity got revealed. It says that Gabriel’s unique strategy in reality TV shows made him win the title of Claim to Fame front-runner. It’s mainly because his back-to-back wins were unstoppable which formed a great alliance with Nick. This strategy made him win, leaving his fellow contestants behind.


It was during the 7th episode of season 2 when Gabriel and Chris had no other clue left to misguide the contestants in the wine room, that is when he had to reveal his actual relationship with the celebrity named Nick. Till the end, Chris had no idea as to whom Gabriel belonged. 

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