A look At Justin Hakuta, Ali Wong's Ex-Husband

A look At Justin Hakuta, Ali Wong's Ex-Husband

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Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta | The couple still maintains good terms following the divorce of Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta. A few years later, the couple married in San Francisco on November 27, 2014, after years of dating. In 2015, they welcomed Mari, while in 2017, they welcomed Nikki. According to a source, the couple would continue to co-parent lovingly after they announced their separation in April 2022. Nearly a year later, Wong has said they are still "really, really close" when discussing her relationship with Hakuta. Find out everything about Wong's ex-husband, including his career background and notable family.

He Holds A Fulbright Scholarship

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Aside from a decision science degree, Hakuta minored in Spanish at Carnegie Mellon in 2004. According to Carnegie Mellon University's website, he got a Fulbright scholarship after graduation to study NGOs battling human trafficking in the Philippines. In the Howard Heinz University Department of Social and Decision Sciences, Baruch Fischhoff said Justin was the first student in the new decision science major. His strong performance and leadership helped shape the major as one of our pioneers. "He's passionate about justice and life."

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Graduated From Harvard Business School

In 2011, Hakuta finished his MBA at Harvard Business School, coincident with meeting Wong after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University. Wong previously stated in one of her stand-up comedy specials that she discovered he was an executive at Harvard Business School.

Ken Hakuta Is His Father

The Dr. Fad Show, which he hosted from 1988 to 1994, focused on children's inventions, and Hakuta's father is famed TV inventor Ken Hakuta, also known as Dr. Fad. One of the toy inventions Ken invented in the 1980s was the Wacky Wall Walker.

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Many Of Ali Wong's Stand-Up Specials Mention Him

As a stand-up comedian, Hakuta has been the subject of countless references over the years. Her jokes about their marriage included telling how his parents forced her to sign a prenup when they first married and how they met when they first got married. Since then, her income has significantly increased. He joked; it was impossible to predict a failure like this. Our divorce will result in their son becoming an idiot.

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The couple has two children Together

It was "beautiful" for Wong to bring her daughters on tour with her for her comedy tours in March 2023. She called it a "beautiful experience" for her daughters, Mari, born in 2015, and Nikki, born in 2017. An amazing experience is taking your children on a road trip. It is quite different from film and television, where I am just gone all day," she said. It is an enjoyable family adventure since I perform at night, and we go on adventures during the day to the children's museum and gardens or to meet family members. Remarkably, they have traveled so far through America."

Despite Their Divorce, They Remain Friends

The entrepreneur spoke more than a year after parting ways with Hakuta and said they are still close. Wong said the journey had been long. She also says her ex will accompany her and her daughters on her summer comedy tour. The seeds are there, but the idea came quickly," Wong said of the upcoming comedy special. This is the first single hour I've had since we started.

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