A 28-year older adult lands in prison for mimicking Explosive artists

A 28-year older adult lands in prison for mimicking Explosive artists

Updated on July 20, 2023 11:48 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Imitating a BTS part brought about the detainment of a 28-year-elderly person. The individual was accused of following up on the advancement of data and correspondence organization usage and data insurance after claiming to be a member of BTS and spilling music creation records of a BIGHIT MUSIC Maker.

Archives of unreleased music

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He was imprisoned for one year and two months, with three years of probation with 240 hours of local area administration and 40 hours of mental and psychotherapy classes. The sentence was announced on July 17, 2023, by the Western District Criminal Division 9 of the Deagu District.

Mr. A, a man from Daegu, contacted one of the BIGHIT MUSIC producers in February 2022 and pretended to be a member of BTS from his home. The maker got tricked by Mr. An, and ignorant about this, he shared the septet's gathering action data and documents of unreleased music.

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Given up to virtual amusement

Until May 20, 2022, Mr. A hampered BIGHIT MUSIC's melody creations, deals, and delivery. He shared music files with friends on a messaging app 47 times and posted them publicly on Instagram. As told by the indictment, Mr. A tried to be a fruitful maker by faking his profile which was duplicated or taken from the BIGHIT MUSIC maker.

The legal counselor of the one who claimed to be a BTS part argued for mercy by engaging that Mr. A surrendered to virtual entertainment as he was confronting hardships in keeping up with associations with individuals around him because of his past lawbreaker records.

Successful in the music field

Mr. A was desirous of his companions who became effective in music as he had likewise sought after popular music, making him make such outrageous strides. As indicated by the court, these focuses were considered before making the last judgment on the spillage of music records.

Because the victim was harmed socially and physically, the music files were edited and posted in 10-20-second bursts, the music was made available after the crime was committed, and BIGHIT MUSIC withdrew its complaint.

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