BTS’ Jimin Makes History As Solo Single Enters UK Official Singles Charts’ Top 10

BTS’ Jimin Makes History As Solo Single Enters UK Official Singles Charts’ Top 10

Updated on April 01, 2023 18:23 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Over the past few years, the popularity of K-pop has exploded around the world, with South Korean boyband BTS leading the charge. With their infectious pop music, high-energy performances, and charismatic personalities, BTS has amassed a massive global fanbase, known as the BTS ARMY, and broken numerous records and barriers in the music industry.

One country where BTS has made a particularly strong impact is the United Kingdom. In recent years, the group has sold out multiple shows at London's O2 Arena, performed on popular TV shows like "The Graham Norton Show," and even appeared on the cover of the UK's prestigious music magazine, NME.

Jimin's Solo Single, "Filter," Goes Viral

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Now, BTS member Jimin is making history of his own in the UK. On Friday, March 26th, Jimin's solo single, "Filter," debuted at number eight on the UK Official Singles Charts, becoming one of the only K-pop acts to ever enter the top 10.

"Filter" is a track off of BTS's 2020 album "Map of the Soul: 7," and features Jimin's sultry vocals and smooth dance moves. The song quickly went viral on social media, with fans around the world sharing clips of Jimin's performance and praising the song's catchy melody and lyrics.

Jimin's Solo Success in the UK and Beyond

Jimin's success on the UK Official Singles Charts is just the latest achievement in a long list of accomplishments for BTS and K-pop. In recent years, BTS has become the first K-pop act to perform at the Grammy Awards, sell out stadiums around the world, and achieve multiple number one hits on the US Billboard charts.

But Jimin's solo success also demonstrates the power of individual members within the group. Each BTS member has their own unique talents and strengths, and "Filter" showcases Jimin's ability to captivate an audience on his own.

As K-pop continues to make waves around the world, it's clear that BTS and its members will be at the forefront of this global phenomenon for years to come. And with Jimin's solo success in the UK and beyond, it's clear that the group's influence and impact will only continue to grow.

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