BTS member Jung Kook releases a solo single

BTS member Jung Kook releases a solo single

Updated on July 14, 2023 16:12 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As promised, Jung Kook released his first major solo single, "Seven," at midnight ET on Friday morning. It was a complete surprise: one of our day's most sizzling female rappers, Latto, appears on the track.

The refrains examine a hot movement due to going down between the two, yet the music, regardless, is high-energy and feels significantly chill. To put it another way, it appears it was made to be a late section in the challenge for "Songs of the Summer."

The surprise with the track

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Jung Kook acknowledges the summery vibe in an email interview, but he sounds almost surprised to hear a hit-status projection for the song as if he had thought about the Andrew Watt co-written and produced tracks later. I genuinely didn't have a colossal objective in that frame of mind; since you said that, I'd be overjoyed if it turns into a 'hit,'" he says.

Jung Kook interviewed with the assistance of a translator and sent his responses via email due to difficulties with translation. Like most of his fellow BTS members, the singer must speak English fluently.

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Great appearance in the show

In it, he promises — or possibly trusts — that the BTS Armed force can expect an independent collection before 2023 is up without offering a lot about how much is now in the can and how much still needs to be finished.

Meanwhile, fans can perceive how his independent magnetism falls off, short of gathering science, as he performs "Seven" in an appearance on "Great Morning America" Friday morning.

Appreciation for the work

Free downloads of "Still with You" and "My You" were made available; they weren't officially conveyed to mean they. I thought it would be nice for fans to listen to my previous live performances on streaming stages before "Seven," which is my authoritative solo performance.

It's a thank-you present. It had nothing to do with my certainty and was not a determined move. "This is it," I thought when I heard "Seven." From that point forward, I zeroed in on rehearsing and recording the track on various occasions to consummate it. I hope many people will experience the same emotions I did when I first heard the song.

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