The 15 kinds of people you should surround yourself with

The 15 kinds of people you should surround yourself with

Updated on October 26, 2022 12:06 PM by Michael Davis

No matter how many classes you take, it doesn't matter. Or the number of books you've read. Or the number of blogs you read. The right people in your life will push you to be great more than anything else. Full stop. Mic drop.

Your relationships are what make you who you are.

When I think back on the big, crazy, "stars aligned" moments that sent my life in a completely different direction than I had planned, I realize that it was all about the people involved. People are all that matters. Relationships push us, help us grow, and keep us going. People who have faith in us. People with more knowledge than us. We learn from them. Those who care about us. We like the ones that make us laugh. Help us stay healthy. Validate. Challenge. On your way to being great, you will meet a lot of people. You'll meet the right people when you know who you want in your life. Who you have. You'll need to build. How you have to link up.

These fifteen individuals are without a doubt the ones responsible for my life's complete transformation. If you pack your treasure chest full of these people, you will live a life that you never thought was possible:

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The strategist

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Someone you already know. Who knows what you're planning? And can help you find the answers you already have inside you in a beautiful way. They show you what you already know. And make a plan for what you think you don't know. I do this with the help of a business coach. For you, it could be someone who helps you figure out how to reach your goal of buying a house. Or a guide who tells you how to move forward based on their experience.

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Lots and lots of Jim. Most of you already know a lot about him. Even 18 months ago, a healer would not have been on my list. But everyone has been hurt. Everyone hurts. And you don't have to be the only one who can fix that. Find someone with a special skill who can help you see your own strength and heal your own pain. This could be a metaphysical masseuse in Bali, an astrologer in Denver, a Tarot card reader in New York City or a psychologist in San Francisco.

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 The triumphant contemporary

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Too many of these have been bestowed upon me to count them all. The friend who's been killing it recently. Your most successful friend. The fellow student who instructs and guides you. Include in your inner circle a group of supportive pals who are rooting for you to succeed. they are confident in your abilities. They are more thrilled about your accomplishments than you are yourself. Who can make the introductions for you? Connect you. Share you. They are secure in their own achievements, which enables them to make a positive contribution to yours.

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Mentors have landed me every major break I've ever had. Starting with writing jobs and moving on to TV spots, then team tryouts, then promotions, and finally an agent. They arrive at the destination you choose. Leverage is used by them. They are quick to point out your errors. And because they are just as willing to teach as they are to be taught, this opens the door to a wonderful two-way street where information, love, assistance, and brilliance can flow freely back and forth.

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My confidence was boosted by a coach, and as a result, I went to Bali. The presence of a coach has made it possible for me to recruit new members for my team. I've made it through some extremely challenging times thanks to the help of a coach. Tough love is what coaches provide. They are receptive to comments and suggestions. They are just as aggressive as they are encouraging. On any route, they are an indispensable companion. Using any type of craft. Without the perspective of a committed outsider on your situation, you won't improve. They are well worth every penny, and your money is significant since it represents the "skin in the game" that you will have.

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 The energizer


Maybe your best friend. Could be your sibling. Could be your partner. Could be your dog. Whoever makes you feel full of good, light, and inspired energy. The one that makes you skip, really skip, after being with them. Your energizer might be one person. It could be many people. It could be all of your treasure. Pay attention, and keep the people who make you happy close. And go back one.

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The recharge


Who makes you feel safe when you're running at 10%? Let your guard down. Bring the guards down. Not have to show off. Not have to do anything. And just be. Be sad. Be weird. Be moody. Be down. Not always, but when you really need it. Who gives you time to rest when everyone else needs your energy? Often, families live here. So do couples and best friends. Just make sure they don't always get your battery when it's dead. They also deserve the best from you.

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 The cuppa

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Long conversations about things that don't really matter. Even longer talks about everything that it does. Sip hot tea on the couch until it gets cold. Coffee dates in a car parked in front of a park that go on for 3 hours longer than planned. You had wine nights that gave you a huge headache and a happy heart. The ones where you can get lost. People who know you better than you do. The ones who stand for love.

 The believer

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The person who has faith in everything you do. What you've done so far. You can do everything. Believer in who you've been. What you did do to do it? Your core. Your essence. The people who don't even flinch when you trip or fall. Who doesn't care if you mess up? Who doesn't back off when they do well? They have faith in people, and they have faith in you. And what makes you so great?

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The spark

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That short burst of energy that things going. Thoughts moving. Things are happening. A chain of events to full speed. They are great for starting out. They always say the right thing. They come up with ideas.

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The  lover

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Everyone needs love that is "epic." You might be your best lover for omsomeonths. Some weeks, you might love your family more than anything else. Some will be your friends. Usually your partner. Your kid. Love, love, love, that's all we really need and all that really matters. They will take away ptthein. Void worries. And bring you back to yourself when you really need it.

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The sister

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Whether you are a sibling or not, this woman is familiar with you. Believes in you. She is the one whose company you can still enjoy for several weeks afterward. The person who confronts you about your behavior. The person who loves you no matter who you are or what you are doing at this moment in time. She is the type to pick up the phone even in the wee hours of the morning. She can make you laugh even when you're crying her eyes out. She will examine photographs of the rash that is on your privates in an effort to get a diagnosis from a distance of 13,000 kilometers. In addition to that, she is always generous with her wine.

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 The planner

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They are the ones who get things moving. It's possible that they're an assistant. Or a friend who has an excellent template for a spreadsheet. Or maybe there's always someone using a calendar invite to get you away from your computer and force you to go out to dinner. A partner for your workouts. They provide structure in areas where you require it. Maintain your dedication. And assist you in making progress.

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 The star

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who is aware that none of this truly matters in the grand scheme of things. Because we are a component of something that is so much more extensive. that we are the creators of the reality we experience. that there is more to life than what we see here. Who pulls you away from the mundane and the day-to-day to inspire you to dream big, see bigger, and comprehend that our interconnectedness extends well beyond the confines of this life? Or these interpersonal connections. Or relationships. OnOne links the stars is the only one that truly matters.

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 The anchor

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Grounded. Home. Centered. They are the ones who keep you in that place. When things are crazy. When things go wrong. They bring you back to reality and tell you that none of this is that bad. That you will, in fact, live to see another day.

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