Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Put Off wedding Plans?

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Put Off wedding Plans?

Updated on March 24, 2023 10:18 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have been having problems in their paradise for some time, and now the couple seems to be quite far from reconciling, according to recent reports. People jumping to conclusions and speculating about their breakup became online sensations when their breakup rumors came out. 

They kept the internet entertained with racy details about their love life. In February, MGK and Fox removed all photos of them together from Fox's social media accounts, including a cryptic message. Fox went as far as deleting her account for a short period and unfollowing him.

Currently, they are figuring it out

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MGK and Megan Fox took their engagement ring out when she attended the Oscars Party recently, and now the US Weekly reports that they are still working it out. According to the report, Megan and MGK are on a break but remain in touch. Their source also reported that they are both hot and cold. 

In January 2022, Megan Fox and MGK were engaged, but their wedding plans have stalled due to ongoing turmoil. According to the source, wedding planning has been halted while they work on their problems. Their relationship is very volatile at the moment.

On Instagram, she posted the split rumors

They are currently off but text each other every day. Additionally, the report claims that Megan Fox fought with MGK when she posted the split rumors on Instagram. They were in Arizona then, so she flew home and did not attend his performance. 

What happened after that is well-known to everyone. He was believed to have cheated on Megan with his female guitarist Sophie Loyd, but Megan Fox dispelled those accusations. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox seek counseling to deal with bumps in their relationship. 

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