G Flip Net Worth | What Is G Flips Net Worth 2020 to 2023

G Flip Net Worth | What Is G Flips Net Worth 2020 to 2023

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What Is G Flips Net Worth

(G Flip Net Worth | Musician's Wealth and Career Earnings/Image Credits: Star Theater Portland)

G Flip Net Worth 2023: Unveiling the Musician's Financial Success

Net Worth: $7 Million
Name: G Flip
Salary: $0.5 million +
Monthly Income: $40,000 +
Date of Birth: September 22, 1994
Age: 28 Yrs
Gender: Female
Height: 1.62m. (5'4")
Weight: 55kg or 121Ibs
Profession: Singer
Nationality: Australia

G Flip is a non-binary Australian singer, songwriter, producer and drummer who has built an impressive net worth of $7 million as of 2023. They have released acclaimed albums and chart-topping singles that showcase their talents. Married to Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause, G Flip has also toured extensively and partnered with major brands. Their music career has been a financial success. Let us explore G Flip earnings, income sources and the work that has contributed to their rising fortune.

G Flip Net Worth From 2020 to 2023

G Flip's net worth has steadily grown thanks to their expanding popularity and fanbase. Here are their estimated earnings from 2020 to 2023

Year Net Worth
2020 $3M
2021 $5M
2022 $6M
2023 $7M

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About G Flip

What Is G Flips Net Worth

(G Flip Net Worth | Musician's Wealth and Career Earnings/Image Credits: Life & Style)

G Flip is the stage name of Georgia Flipo who was born on 22 Sep 1994 in Melbourne in Australia. They identify as non-binary and use they/them pronouns. They married actress Chrishell Stause in 2022.

G Flip started playing drums at nine years old and is self-taught on instruments like guitar, piano and bass. They graduated with a diploma in music performance and played in bands before going solo.

G Flip rose to fame in 2018 with their breakout single About You which earned acclaim from music outlets. Their subsequent releases expanded their audience and led to festival bookings like Splendour in the Grass and SXSW.

G Flip released their debut album About Us in 2019 which charted in Australia and received award nominations. Their 2020 album Hyperfine also performed well winning two ARIA Awards. G Flip has collaborated with artists like mxmtoon and Thomas Headon.

The Business Behind G Flip's Music

G Flip is not merely a gifted musician but also a savvy businessperson. They have diversified their income streams and invested in various ventures that have increased their net worth.

Income Sources

G Flip earns income from various sources related to their music career. These include:

  • Selling music through digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and physical album sales at shows.
  • Receiving streaming royalties from services playing their songs. Per Spotify, artists earn $0.00331-$0.00437 on average per stream. G Flip can earn around $80K a month just from Spotify with over 2 million monthly Spotify listeners.
  • Selling merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers and posters on their website and at shows. They also partner with brands on exclusive items like their G Flip x Happy Socks collection.
  • Performing at venues and events like festivals, concerts and clubs for appearance and performance fees. According to Pollstar, G Flip's average 2020 ticket price was $28.50 and average gross per show was $17,100.
  • Promoting products and services through brand endorsement deals that involve advertising campaigns and social media posts. Some brands G Flip has partnered with include Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Levi's and Converse.


G Flip has invested in various business ventures beyond music.

  • Real estate such as their $1.4 million 2019 home in Melbourne and $3.3 million 2020 LA home purchased with spouse Chrishell Stause. Both houses are luxurious with features like pools, gardens and fireplaces.
  • Stocks in companies they support and have interest in like Tesla, Netflix and Amazon though they have not disclosed details.
  • Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin though again they have not shared specifics.

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Factors Influencing G Flip's Net Worth

G Flip's net worth is impacted by various factors affecting their income and expenditures.

  • Music Catalog 

All of G Flip’s released songs and albums generate sales and streaming income. They are earning them more and more money.

  • Touring Revenue 

Income earned from live performances at venues and events depends on the number of shows, ticket prices, merchandise sold, etc. More shows and ticket sales means higher tour revenue.

  • Brand Endorsements

Partnerships with brands for promotions and advertising depends on the brands’ reputation and popularity, deal terms, campaign reach, etc. More brand deals signed can increase endorsement income.

  • Investments and Ventures 

Money earned from assets and businesses relies on their profitability, risks and returns, market conditions, etc. More successful investments mean higher income.

  • Expenses

G Flip’s costs for their lifestyle, taxes, donations, legal fees, etc. reduce the money they can save or invest. Higher expenses mean less net worth growth.

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G Flip Social Media Presence

G Flip engages widely on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok to interact with fans, preview music and partner with brands.

G Flip shares personal and professional updates, expresses opinions on issues and engages with followers on social media. It is an important platform for their brand growth.

Social Media Accounts

Followers Count

Account Name with Link









G Flip







G Flip Successful Music Career

What Is G Flips Net Worth

(G Flip Net Worth | Musician's Wealth and Career Earnings/Image Credits: Billboard)

G Flip has enjoyed an accomplished and remarkable career as a musician thus far. They have unveiled two studio albums and various hit singles that have appeared on music charts and received glowing reviews from critics and fans alike. G Flip has also staged energetic performances at diverse venues and events worldwide flaunting their prodigious talents and magnetic charisma as a live performer. They have also collaborated with numerous fellow artists and claimed several prestigious awards for their sterling music.

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G Flip Musical Education

G Flip holds a diploma in music performance from Melbourne esteemed Box Hill Institute which is a top Australian provider of vocational and higher education. They focused on honing skills in music theory, composition, production, performance and business while studying there. G Flip also gained valuable experience playing drums for an array of bands and artists during their time at the institute. This well-rounded education prepared them for success.

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G Flip Journey to Fame and Success

G Flip's rise to stardom was no overnight fairytale but rather the result of immense dedication and perseverance in the face of challenges. Let us explore the major breakthroughs and milestones that marked G Flip's path to fame.

Career-Defining Moments

G Flip uploaded their debut single About You to Triple J Unearthed in 2018 which is an Australian radio hub for emerging talent. The song instantly resonated with listeners and critics alike. It also earned international airplay on stations like BBC Radio 1 and Beats 1.

Also in 2018, G Flip delivered a buzzworthy performance at SXSW music festival in Austin. Their high-energy set impressed attendees and allowed them to connect with industry figures.

That same year, G Flip signed a lucrative record deal with Australian label Future Classic, home to artists like Flume. They also inked a publishing agreement with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

In 2019, G Flip released their first studio album About Us, featuring previous hits and new songs like “Lover.” The album charted in Australia and scored G Flip six ARIA Award nominations for its catchy, emotionally honest songwriting.

G Flip followed up in 2020 with their sophomore album Hyperfine, a more mature effort exploring love, identity and mental health. Filled with collaborations, it earned them two ARIA Awards.

In 2021, G Flip dropped new singles like “Queen” featuring their now-spouse Chrishell Stause. They also announced a 2022 Australian tour, further cementing their fame.

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G Flip's Diverse Collaborations

Throughout their career, G Flip has collaborated with varied artists across genres and backgrounds. 

  • With mxmtoon - Co-wrote and produced the 2021 track "Queen" for the singer-songwriter's EP dusk & dawn.

  • With Thomas Headon - Co-wrote and produced the 2021 song "Not Even in Vegas" for the Australian singer's EP The Goodbye EP.

  • With Illy - Co-wrote and produced the 2020 song "Loose Ends" for the Australian rapper's album The Space Between.

  • With LoveLeo - Co-wrote and produced the 2020 track "Easy" for the American singer's EP LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE.

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G Flip's Awards

G Flip has also won prestigious honors celebrating their music

  • 3 ARIA Awards - Best Pop Release and Engineer of the Year for Hyperfine in 2020, and Breakthrough Artist for About Us in 2019. Plus 6 other nominations.

  • Triple J Hottest 100 - "About You" ranked #38 in 2018, "Drink Too Much" #6 in 2019, "Hyperfine" #14 in 2020.

  • Nominated for 2 MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Australian Act and Best Push Act in 2019.

  • Nominated for GLAAD Media Award - Outstanding Music Artist in 2021 for their album Hyperfine.

These fruitful collaborations and honors affirm G Flip's respected place in the music industry.

G Flip's Early Life and Musical Journey

What Is G Flips Net Worth

(G Flip Net Worth | Musician's Wealth and Career Earnings/Image Credits: Dropbox Blog)

G Flip was born on September 22, 1994 in Melbourne to a musical family with a guitarist father and singer mother. They grew up alongside two musically inclined older sisters and attended St Bede's College Catholic school in Mentone excelling in music and sports. G Flip also played soccer competitively for the Sandringham Sabres in their youth.

From a young age, G Flip developed a passion for drums teaching themselves by watching YouTube and practicing on makeshift instruments. They also learned guitar, piano and bass by ear and began writing songs at 14 recording them on their laptop.

G Flip faced struggles like bullying, depression, anxiety and coming out as gay in their formative years. They also endured heartbreak when their first girlfriend of four years broke up with them. Music became G Flip's cathartic outlet for coping and self-expression.

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G Flip's Hit Songs

G Flip has released several popular songs displaying their talent:

  • About You - Their debut single, an upbeat pop track about heartbreak by an ex.

  • Killing My Time - A funky, groovy pop song about an ex wasting their time and feelings.

  • Drink Too Much - A lively pop track about unhealthy drinking while sad and lonely.

  • I Am Not Afraid - An empowering, anthemic pop song about facing fears and challenges.

  • Hyperfine - The title track off their second album, an emotional song about mental health struggles.

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G Flip's Acclaimed Albums

G Flip has unveiled two highly praised studio albums displaying their artistic evolution

  • About Us - Their 2019 debut featuring previous hits plus new songs like Lover. An intimate album reflecting on love and identity that reached #6 in Australia and scored 6 ARIA noms.

  • Hyperfine - Their 2020 sophomore album including collabs with mxmtoon, Thomas Headon, etc. A more mature, diverse effort exploring love, mental health and acceptance that won 2 ARIAs.

G Flip as a Non-Binary Artist

What Is G Flips Net Worth

(G Flip Net Worth | Musician's Wealth and Career Earnings/Image Credits: Editorialge)

G Flip identifies as non-binary using they/them pronouns. In 2020, they came out on social media sharing they don't fit into society's gender binary. They said she/her or they/them work for them, but they/them feels most natural.

G Flip has vocally advocated for LGBTQ+ rights and expressed gratitude for supportive fans. They've inspired others struggling with gender identity to embrace themselves. Their openness has advanced acceptance.

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G Flip is a successful non-binary Australian musician with a $7 million net worth. They have released acclaimed albums and singles, performed globally and won awards. They have diversified their income through ventures and social media.

G Flip has overcome challenges to achieve musical dreams and been groundbreaking in their open LGBTQ+ advocacy. Their talents, integrity and trailblazing spirit ensure continued success. We hope you enjoyed learning about their inspiring journey.


Q: Where does G Flip Live?

A: Currently, G Flip lives in Melbourne, Australia. 

Q: What is the age of G Flip?

A: G Flip is 27 years old.

Q: How tall is G Flip?

A: She is 162.5 cm tall.

Q: What is G Flip's status?

A: G Flip is a Lesbian

Q: Who is G Flip's partner?

A: Chrishell Stause

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