What shouldn’t have happened in the past

What shouldn’t have happened in the past

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Disaster is a noun meaning a natural catastrophe or sudden accident that leads to loss of life, great damage, or sometimes both.

The most destructive natural disasters are tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes, climate change, and eruptions. However, these are nothing but reactions to our actions. We blame our planet Earth for the death of millions.

We humans think of ourselves as some alpha beings here on this land, as some protectors and governors. Yet, now and then, our stupidity and incompetence surface and make us realize that we are nothing but a danger.

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From the bombing of Hiroshima to the holocaust, our past is full of events that shook the world and shouldn't have happened. These events continue to shake the world decades and even centuries later. Estimating the danger is impossible, so we tried to rank these incidents.

The Execution of Anne Boleyn

On the morning of 19 May 1536, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, became the first queen of England to be persecuted in public.

She was charged with incest, adultery, and plotting the king's death. The queen was guillotined on a platform built on Tower Green, within the four walls of the Tower of London. Historian Suzannah Lipscomb commented on Anne's death that her death is so known to us that it is difficult to imagine how awful it would have been. 

Henry and Anne were married for a little over three years when she died. Henry had abandoned his wife, with whom he had been married for almost 24 years. The couple had a daughter, too (the future Mary I).

He also broke up with the Catholic Church. However, as the spring of the year 1536 came, the king lost his interest in Anny, and he fiercely started pursuing Jane Seymour, Anne's lady-in-waiting.

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Anne, her five courtiers, and her brother, George, were arrested and imprisoned in early May 1536. They were kept in the Tower of London.

Mark Smeaton, Francis Weston, Henry Norris, and William Brereton were tried and were proven guilty of adultery with Anne and conspiring for the death of the king whereas the queen and George were found guilty of high treachery.

Eustace Chapuys was the Spanish ambassador in the court of King Henry. He reported on Anne's death in 1536 and said no one ever had more courage or willingness to meet her death than Anne.

Today, almost 500 years after the first English queen's execution, historians cannot come to any consensus about why she had to die. 

Roman Catholic Abuse

Authority figures abusing naïve, innocent isn't at all unknown to human history. Still, this incident made it to this list because the world's most powerful Christian organization was involved.

Child molestation and rape is the most sinful act one can ever commit because there is no explanation or excuse for them. Considering Christianity, add to it homosexuality, which is a situation where a child can never be found.

Priests understand these sins better than other people. In Roman Catholic culture across the globe, parents respect priests as authority figures; parents regard them as second fathers and great teachers of morality. So, everyone had the same question: How can this happen in God's name?

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The Catholic Church conducted meetings during the 1950s about priests sexually abusing minors, but nothing was done to stop it. The people who had the story of committing sexual crimes against minors were deliberately ordained and awarded priestly duties worldwide.

The scandal hit the mainstream media in the 1980s making people suspicious about the attempts by the Church to protect its image. Luckily, there is not even a fraction of the fallout in the image of Christianity that the Catholic hierarchy suffered.

Jesus Christ will never be torn down just because of sins committed by men or it would surely have happened till now. The priests involved are facing the wrath of human law. If you have faith in him, every sinner will have to deal with God's law. However, the image of the Roman Catholic Church has suffered a severe blow. 

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World War I

This is one of the two wars on this list because of the awful pace at which the hostilities rose in the year 1914, and there is no single culprit to blame. Humanity, in the overview, is to be blamed.

In hindsight, it looks as if all the European countries were cherishing a rotting hatred for each other, and every country wanted an excuse to invade the other country. The act which touched it off was the killing of Archduke of Austria-Este, Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip.

His motives were even more complicated. His yearning to demonstrate his bravery in front of the Serbian army rejected Gavrilo for being too weak and small.

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Almost all the European nations signed treaties with other nations, and all these treaties said the same thing – if one nation is attacked, the others have their back. Austro-Hungry waged a war against Serbia, prompting Russia to initiate a war on Austro-Hungry.

This, in turn, led Germany and Italy to start a war with Russia that implored the United Kingdom and France to declare war on Germany and Italy. Of course, Spain and Switzerland didn't take part in it.

The United States also stayed out of it till aggressive Germany started a complete war on unarmed merchant ships, especially the Lusitania, and due to the Zimmermann Telegram that Germany sent to Mexico, pushing it to start a war against the US.

the British interrupted this memo, but Mexico, on its part, didn't dare attack America.

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We all agree that any war is the height of human stupidity. World War I is immeasurable in extraordinary idiocy. We may call it a war theory that had grown in terms of mo defense, yet not attack – both the parties involved had almost the same weapons, particularly the Maxim machine gun, which was the first real modern machine gun.

It fired 450-500 rounds every minute, enough to cut any man in half, exactly what it did continuously for four years.

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The Americans, Brith, French, Germans, and Russians all had these guns. For the initial two and a half years, the trench warfare included one side charging out throughout 100-1000 yards without any man, with the help of barbed wire, shell craters, mud, and mines straight into the waiting machine guns of the opponent's trenches.

Every time one side was beaten back with huge losses, the opponent felt there would have been a weakness and charged after their army straight into the lines of waiting for machine guns.

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World War II

We can mostly blame one man for this war – Adolf Hitler. However, the question worth asking is why he began global hostilities in the year 1939. On one hand, Stalin was also fearful that he'll lose his power but on the other hand, Hitler had no such fear. He just had a fuming during his childhood against nothing in specific. 

Hitler was imprisoned for Beer Hall Putsch, a failed attempt in 1923 to overthrow the Kaiser government. While serving his sentence for eight months, he and Rudolf Hess wrote his autobiography, Mein Kampf. In this book, Hitler blamed everything with Germany on the Jews, every Jew living on this planet.

Whether he believed in this is a debatable question, but we cannot deny the fact that in Jews, he saw an excellent scapegoat, where he knew all non-Jewish Germans would come together.

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It worked wonders for him and was better than he could have thought. He came out of prison as a national hero, and after ten years, he was in full control of the government. A countrywide brainwash followed this. This resulted in everyone hating Jews. Many Jews saw the brewing trouble and left for America or England. 

Six years later, Germany invaded Poland. Consequently, Britain and France waged war against Germany. Russia and Germany signed a pact as Stalin was very well aware that Germany couldn't be conquered at that time.

Hitler waited two years and then invaded Russia, knowing well that the Russian army was inadequate. Japan invaded China to get hold of its resources Germany, Italy, and Japan became Axis Powers In September 1940 because the trio understood their same wish to conquer other countries.

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Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and Hawaii in the US to retaliate against the US ban on iron, oil, and machinery. The US immediately declared war on Japan and declaration of war throughout the world. Seventy-one million people died in 6 years. Leningrad, London, Moscow, Paris, and Rome were burning. Dresden, Hiroshima, Manila, Nagasaki and Stalingrad were destroyed.

The holocaust will always be the most infamous event of this war. It is also called HaShoah; in Hebrew, it means the  Catastrophe.

Hitler surrounded himself with men who agreed with him for power, rage, or maybe for delight, all full of hatred that the entire race of Jews should be eliminated. The Wehrmacht, on their part, had almost nothing to do with the Holocaust and even had little idea about what was going on. 

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The SS or Schutzstaffel murdered millions of children, women, and men by shooting, poisonous gas, beating, scientific experiments, torturing, overwork, and systematic starvation on the claim that Aryans were superior and Jews were nothing more than cattle. So, if we feel bad when we slaughter cattle, the question is asked

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