The world’s most heavily guarded people

The world’s most heavily guarded people

Updated on September 14, 2022 15:32 PM by Sally Harbor

The world is a very secure place. At Least for the world leaders and famous personalities who are always under the limelight for every step they take. Almost every major world leader or famous person knows how many millions or billions worth they are, and they know which car to sit in. also has a wide range of security guards pampering and hoarding them for every step that they take publicly or non-publicly because all of these people are too important for the world to lose. 

There are some leaders and personalities who have the biggest, strongest, and craziest security setup in comparison to the rest of them. So, Let’s find out!

1.Vladimir Putin 

You might have heard the name of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, everywhere in the news. If you have not, open a newspaper or switch on a TV channel, and you will find his whereabouts. Vladimir Putin’s name comes under the most powerful and influential leaders of the world, which is the main reason why he is so heavily guarded. 

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Russia is well known for keeping its policies and activities a secret. It has its share of secrets and secretive agencies, but one mysterious security force towers above all others, known as the Federal Protection Service. The agency is also called “Putin’s People.” But no one knows precisely how powerful the agency is, but it’s assumed that its power is roughly on par with how secretive it is, which it is very much. Since Russia is known for its secretive behavior, there is no data revealed to the public about this multi-purpose agency and its activities and the only current leader we know about, Dmitry Kochnev. 

FSO is responsible for the security of the country's political elite, Vladimir Putin, but its much higher priority is to keep “Body Number One” safe. The agency also has full power to go to any lengths to keep him safe, and the agency is not short of resources to do so. It controls several billion worths of assets, and its people have the right to do anything, from various operational and investigative activities to detaining people, confiscating cars, and searching homes. 

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The tactics that the FSO has used are very wild, and many rumors are also involved around the agency. One of the most popular rumors is that they have at least one body double of Putin and that the agency employs their fake Putin to do all those cool, but dangerous stunts real Putin is known for, such as fighter jet stunts and submarine dives.

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2. Donald Trump 

You will see that the name of the former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is on almost all the lists when it comes to America, which is why the security procedures around Donald Trump are among the very best in the world. Most people know the Secret Service, which works to keep POTUS safe all the time. The grumpy man in black with earpieces that we see beside the former President is just a tiny part of his entire security department. The two Air Force One planes Trump uses for air travel are among the most secure aircraft in the world. 

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The President's motorcar that he uses and the luxury limousines owned by him go by the name “The Beast '', and it is. The motorcade is a very carefully constructed array of custom and occasionally rental vehicles that vary with the task at hand. The presidential limousine is the prime focus of his motorcar collection and is always accompanied by one or more “spare” limos that are identical to confuse his enemies. 

While the motorcade is in motion, highly trained limo drivers constantly and subtly change places, so the location of the true Presidential limousine and the spares constantly change in an automobile version of the shell game. It also takes several heavy USAF transport planes to move a motorcade to the desired location, and several motorcades are often needed, depending on the former President’s travel schedule.

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The level of security Trump is accompanied by to save his life is insane. In 2018, when he visited the UK, he was accompanied by 1,000 members of staff, a full motorcade, and helicopters. The whole visit was planned for weeks, and an estimated 150 Secret Service agents had arrived in advance to oversee a massive security operation that included a “Ring of Steel” when he visited the counter. A massive barrier of steel, whose name is mentioned above, was erected around the property Trump visited for his protection. 

3. Kim Jong Un 

The only thing that comes to most of our minds when we hear the name Kim Jong Un is North Korea and no liberty that the country has. He is known for his intelligent policies toward the country and its people. One of the most secure followers a person has is Kim Jong Un, which is why his name is a must to mention in this list. When he visited Singapore back in 2018, he was accompanied by a spry guard detail that seemed like the U.S. Secret Service.

However, North Korea as a country is quite famous for its overkilling, and Kim’s bodyguards are no exception. While the US secret service has less than 7,000 employees, the North Korean version has an absurd 100,000 and is called the Guard Command. They precisely serve as Kim’s highly trained personal army that reports every detail directly to him without a mediator. 

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The absolute best of the best from the Guard Command becomes the members of the dictator’s protection unit, and one can rarely see the personnel except in serious situations. On the other hand, the bodyguards often spotted running beside Kim’s limo are a separate department of Guard Command. The truly dangerous members blend in with the shadows to create a double effect to protect Kim from the enemies. 

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4. Pope Francis 

The main job of Pope Francis is to make people aware of the religion and help them, but that does not mean he cannot be hurt by anyone, which is why he is always accompanied by heavy security. The security agency called The Pontifical Swiss Guard has a very goofy name but don’t let that fool you, as in reality, it is a legal guardian force composed of the best soldiers Switzerland has to offer. The agency guards can disable an assassin with the seemingly ceremonial polearms they carry around alone, but that does not mean they have to use them. Rather it is just carried off to confuse the haters. But in reality, the Swiss Guard has one of the most advanced collections of firearms in the world.

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The Swiss Guard is the world’s oldest standing military and the smallest, with just 125 soldiers serving at a time. Any Catholic Swiss ex-military man under 30 and 5 feet 8 inches can apply for the position. The  Pope himself swears in the few who pass the exam and go on to guard the Vatican, protect the Pope, and accompany him on his travels.

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Apart from his Swiss Travels, the Pope also often features the legendary PopeMobile, a white vehicle with a platform at the back where the Pope can stand and wave, see, and be seen. Sometimes, The Pope stands in an encased bulletproof glass; other times, he’s out in the open.   

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5. Mohammed Bin Salman 

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, is one of the most secure people in the world with high functioning security. The Crown Prince is rumored to be on bad terms with his father, but that does not mean his security has decreased or lowered. The Prince has reacted to a potential diminishing by creating a massive security network around himself.

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He has spent over a year increasing his influence on Saudi Arabia’s security agencies and the military, ensuring promotions to young, loyal officers and arranging matters so that even the higher-ups report directly to him. All the main departments of Saudi Arabia, like the commanders of the Saudi Royal Guard, armed forces, land forces, air defense, air force, and navy all report to the Prince, and he carries a wide range of men in black wherever he goes which marks his position in this list. 

6. Mark Zuckerberg 

When we hear the name Mark Zuckerberg, the first thing that pops up in our minds is Facebook. Zuckerberg is quite known for bringing a revolution to the social media world with FB. Still, he is also known for his non-stylish appearance, as he does not invest in designer clothes or shoes despite being one of the millionaires in the world. But instead of spending his money on clothes and other accessories, he has spent it to protect himself. 

Zuckerberg has spent around $20 million on security, with $7.3 million towards his bodyguards for his home and travels since 2015. The amount spent has now tripled since then. The white guard looks like the FBI, but considering it, $20 million for three security guards is too much for a social media founder. 

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