The top most loved countries in the world

The top most loved countries in the world

Updated on September 13, 2022 15:02 PM by Sally Harbor

This world is the best place to live in as it has many lush, beautiful places which can sober our minds and give all the rejuvenation that is required to better ourselves, which is a reason why travellers love to travel and explore so much. The world had stopped moving with the coming of the deadly virus, COVID-19, which started the pandemic and led to very less movement of travellers throughout the world. 

But now the world has begun to reopen, and this has brought a lot of joy to many. The more loved countries are determined by the happiness of the people that exist there or the travellers that go there along with the fact that many people visit it. 

Perennial favourites like Japan, Italy and many others have paved their way again this year in the list, along with some newcomers like Botswana and the Philippines. Each of these places has dealt with its fair share of challenges in welcoming visitors back to their countries post the deadly pandemic, as now there have been regulations of the quarantine, Covid tests, etc. So here is a list of all the countries that have made their citizens and travellers extremely happy with its incredible features. 

1. Portugal 

Portugal is one city that everyone desires to visit, don’t you?? Whether supporting your favourite football team or seeing the beautiful arts and architecture of the country, we all want to visit it someday. Portugal has spent the last two decades transforming itself from a budget-minded underdog destination to a major player that can rival the likes of Spain and Italy.

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From the beginning of its existence, Portugal suffered under a forty-year authoritarian regime and a flailing economy. However, it was still back then loved for its delights like the traditional azulejo tiles, the intoxicating aroma of oven-fresh pastéis de Nata, the mournful chords of ll live fado music, the bracing chill of a crisp vinho Verde or the nectary sweetness of a port.

Lisbon, a city in Portugal with its jaunty yellow trams and hilltop São Jorge Castle, has become one of main attractions of the city which is immensely loved by the first timers. The increasing number of direct flights to Porto from the United States invites travellers to explore the second city’s cultural aspects, including the World of Wine district.

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And the best part is Portugal also gives rewards to its frequent travellers with a choose-your-own-adventure that might include the terraced hillsides of the Douro Valley, the underrated wineries of the Alentejo region, the surfer havens of the Algarve, and even the Hawaii-like volcanic landscapes of the Azores, which is also a reason why the people who visit the place return with a happy heart and mind. 

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2. New Zealand

You might have often heard from many of your family or friends who have already visited or are visiting New Zealand that it is one of the best countries for adventures. And in fact, New Zealand is widely known for its adventurous activities, and most of us love adventures, don’t we?? 

The country offers a wide range of adventurous activities such as bungee jumping, canyon swinging, zorbing, and many more, including the careening down a hillside in a transparent plastic ball activity. And all of these activities leave a person happy and rejuvenated with a hint of excitement. 

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But last year, the country took a different take on precautions and enacted some of the strictest lockdown measures on the planet. This strictness led to only 28 COVID-related deaths in the country since January 2020. The country has still not opened up completely, but the people living there are still happy and satisfied along with its travellers, which makes it sit on the second position in the list. 

3. Japan 

People love Japan, which is why it is third on this list. Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are three cities that are much loved for their booming features and economy.

Two years ago, the country was supposed to host the Summer Olympics with a new National Stadium designed by Kengo Kuma, inspired by Edo-period temples. But due to the Covid situation, the plan went haywire. 

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But the country is much loved for its wide variety of restaurants, sushi, ultra-relaxing onsens, the Shinto temples, the cherry blossoms, and impeccably clean and efficient high-speed trains. Japan also has other attractions, such as the hilltop castle from 1599 and many more, which show why it is showered with so much love. Among this year’s new UNESCO World Heritage designees are the Jomon Prehistoric Sites in the north and a chain of islands in the archipelago’s southwestern stretches of Japan that are entirely uninhabited by humans and filled with endangered species. 

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4. Morocco 

The country of Morocco has always acted like a gateway, not only to the African continent but to the Arab world as a whole. It's quite easy to love its riads, its thrumming marketplaces, and its maze-like medinas, but its 21st-century culture. Boutique hoteliers, jewellery designers, textile makers, and visual artists are drawing on traditional motifs as they look toward the future, with Marrakech and Tangier emerging as hot spots for design lovers.

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Which debuted in 2017 and has become a pilgrimage site for fashionistas. The city now ranks among the most important art hubs in Africa, for which all thanks goes to the new institutions like the Museum of Contemporary African Art Al Maaden and the experimental Comptoir des Mines.

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5. Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is one of the highly loved South Asian countries, which is a little larger compared to the state of West Virginia. The country has highly elevated and well-maintained tea plantations that are eye-vibratingly green, national parks where sloth bears and endangered elephants roam free, and friendly surf towns which can remind one of Costa Rica or Nicaragua of 10 years back. 

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The capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, is known for its wide range of spices, flying kites along the waterfront, and charter yachts. As Sri Lanka has worked in recent years to secure its spot as a global tourism contender, it has faced quite a few challenges, ranging from the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings to the pandemic. Still, it has regained visitors' trust with its trademark hospitality and good nature and does not forget the ever-expanding roster of new hotels and resorts.

6. Italy 

Italy has never left the list of the most loved country in the past few years constantly, mainly because of what it offers. Looking up close, you will find Italy everywhere- from the iPhone videos of locked-down Italians singing from their balconies to Luca Guadagnino’s HBO miniseries, We Are Who We Are, Pixar’s Luca, Italy can be found anywhere. 

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This year, UNESCO added the Porticoes of Bologna and Padua’s 14th-century frescoes to its World Heritage Sites list. Palermo’s stunningly restored Villa Igiea brings the glitterati back to Sicily’s oft-overlooked biggest city. This is one of the brand new hotels that has cropped up across Italy, including another Sicilian hotel carved out of a 14th-century Dominican convent and a reimagined thousand-year-old Castello in Umbria, which has been loved by the people leading to the country adding its name again in this list. 

7. Iceland 

Iceland is a much-loved city, and it again gained popularity for its red-hot lava volcano, which burst after 782 years. This fall, the capital finally welcomed a hotel worthy of its chic reputation, Reykjavik. While it would make a great home base for a long weekend, the government hopes to reverse tourism trends by having visitors stick around for a while and slow down.

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In 2020, when other countries cut back their tourism budgets, Iceland increased theirs by 40 per cent, with a plan to improve infrastructure at Instagram-famous spots like Stuðlagil canyon, which many influencers love. This idea of the government also proved to be quite successful, and even though the world was going through a pandemic, to call in more tourists, they have now opened two new circuits: the 590-mile Westfjords Way and the 155-mile Diamond Circle.

The country also offers a new visa policy for international remote workers, which permits Americans to stay in their country and earn for upto six months. 

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