Top most hated countries in the world

Top most hated countries in the world

Updated on September 13, 2022 15:03 PM by Sally Harbor

You must have heard the famous phrase, “reputation lies in the hands of the beholder”. Similarly, some countries around the world are much loved and hold great importance, whereas, on the other hand, some others are hated and loathed for many reasons.

The main reason for the amount of hate a country gets is because of its government policies. Along with it, other factors such as terrorism, no proper human rights, conflicts, no proper facilities, etc., all contribute to the negative aspects of the country, which leads to it being hated. So let’s have a look at the top most hated countries from around the world. 

1. Russia

Russia tops the list of most hated countries because it is one country which is hated immensely for its government and its policies. Most countries that hate Russia are European countries, and to be more exact, they are those that were in the Soviet Union. Russia caused much pain to these countries and destroyed their culture, intellect and religion.

It killed many millions of people from these European and Asian countries for its selfish benefits, humiliated ethnic groups and is still trying to create conflicts among different countries such as America and China and is looking for an opportunity to make use of these conflicts and weaken these countries to become a powerful one. 

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Russia is most hated for its hidden agendas and ambitions to rule the world, and it seeks to occupy different countries such as Ukraine and Georgia. Another reason Russia is widely hated is because of the addiction of Russians to alcohol. 

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2. China 

China comes second on the list for many reasons. It is hated so much by the people and other countries because it is constantly attempting to assert sovereignty over the South China Sea. It has also tried to pressure its power over neighbouring countries like Bhutan, and it is also despised for creating land border problems, such as the Sakteng wildlife sanctuary dispute.

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Illegal fishing fleets have resulted in huge economic and environmental devastation because of the overexploitation of ocean resources. The country is also constantly accused of debt trapping and meddling in the internal affairs of countries like Nepal. China has also used coronavirus vaccines as a weapon to compel other countries to embrace their objectives which is another reason why it is hated so much for using the pandemic to threaten other countries. 

Human rights in the country are barely offered, and there is no freedom of expression or assembly. It has been accused of murdering the Uyghur Muslims and has one of the most active death punishment killing systems in the world.

3. United States of America

The list of most hated countries is incomplete without the presence of the United States of America. The USA is hated by more than its inhabitants and the outside world for its saviour attitude in its foreign policy. Another reason it is widely hated is because of its constant unending interference in the internal matters of other nations and forced regime change.

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The involvement of the USA with other countries like Syria, Afghanistan, etc., to curb terrorism, in return, has killed many innocent people. The hatred for the country has reached a new level after the coming of the now President of the USA, Joe Biden, and mostly after he announced an evacuation of its military and the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan. Other issues for which it is hated include issues like white supremacy, racial discrimination, hate crimes, gun culture, etc. have destroyed the USA’s image.

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4. Pakistan 

Pakistan, the neighbour of India, has garnered much hate in recent years, and since then, there has been no going back for it. Along with the country, the government, ministers, election candidates, etc., get immense hate and backlash for various reasons. 

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Pakistan has garnered much ire for grave human rights violations and harbouring terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda. It is also an abode to hundreds of UN-listed terrorists. The country’s association with the Taliban, whom they consider their guardian, has promoted instability in its fellow country, Afghanistan and has also taken the lives of many. Pakistan is also infamous for its religious intolerance. It has forced religious minorities like Hindus and Christians into Muslims using brutal power tactics. It has also destroyed Hindu temples that were present in the country. 

The people and government of the country only believe in Islam and not in being a secular country. The country is also accused of smuggling nuclear weapons to countries like North Korea and threatening countries with nuclear war, which is another reason it is present in this list. 

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5. Israel 

Israel is ranked fifth on the list of the most despised countries in the world due to various reasons. Israel and Palestine conflict between Jews and Arabs has been one of the world’s longest wars that have been going on. As a result of this war, both involved countries have seen tremendous violence and human rights violations.

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The other law enforcement, such as the police-led constant assaults on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which resulted in the deaths of several individuals, is another reason for getting a tremendous amount of hate. 

As a result of terrorism and blame games between the two religious sects, a lot of several innocent bystanders have been killed. The recent bombing of Gaza fueled anti-Israel sentiment, which is why the country stands on this list. 

6. North Korea 

You might be wondering why North Korea stands in this list because the country has a GDP rate which positions it among the most economical countries in the world. North Korea’s economy experienced record growth in 2016. Still, the isolated country’s per capita gross national income was just 1.5 million won or roughly $1,342, which has tripled the amount. 

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Nonetheless, people around the world have found plenty of things to criticize about North Korea. For one, it remains a repressive authoritarian state. Kim Jong Un, the country's leader, openly forces the North Koreans to obey through public executions, arbitrary detention, and forced labour. Tight travel restrictions prevent North Koreans from leaving the country which is another reason why it is hated so much. 

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The government also constantly commits numerous human rights violations, including murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortion, and other sexual violence, which is unacceptable. And, of course, North Korea’s nuclear program is a source of anxiety to many. 

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7. Iraq 

None of us will feel surprised to see Iraq among the ranks of the most hated countries in the world, particularly because of its high status as an extremely high-profile war zone. The longstanding conflict between ISIS and government forces has ravaged the country and destroyed it in pieces. As the Human Rights Watch explains, “ISIS used civilians as human shields, fired indiscriminate weapons into civilian areas, carried out car bomb and other suicide attacks, and planted landmines.”

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ISIS has not been defeated yet but the government of the country is not innocent either. The Government forces of Iraq have destroyed many civilians’ homes and looted many. They also have committed other abuses against civilians, such as enforced disappearances, torture, and executions and have also used child soldiers to wage wars. All of these reasons alone seem enough to solidify Iraq’s status as the most hated country in the world.

8. Iran 

Though Iran has a fascinating history as a home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, its instability makes it one of the most hated countries in the world. The former President of the USA, Donald Trump, repeatedly has his speeches insulted the nation as a “dictatorship” of “murderous” leaders, whom he accused of spreading “death, destruction, and chaos all over the globe.” Trump’s insults haven’t helped the situation, but the Human Rights Watchdogs do express some major concerns about the country’s lack of respect for civil and political rights and the government’s choice to punish many crimes with death.

The country’s human rights abuses are not only the factor that makes it the most hated along with it, its nuclear program has also caused some serious concerns. Iran’s behaviour, from testing ballistic missiles to funding violent militia groups throughout the Middle East, troubles leaders worldwide.

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