A traveler's ultimate international travel checklist can be found here

A traveler's ultimate international travel checklist can be found here

Updated on September 02, 2022 17:41 PM by Anna P

For some people, packing is the most stressful part of planning a trip, especially if it is their first trip. Travel can be a rewarding experience, but stress can diminish the excitement for others. In today's world, travelers can share tips and resources for common travel problems since the internet enables them to connect from all over the globe.

By finding a travel checklist online, you may feel more prepared and ease some of the pre-trip stress. As someone who has traveled abroad consistently for about five years, I've accompanied Worldpackers on a few trips. I have developed my checklist for international travel based on my own travel experiences and research I've conducted in the past.

Every time I travel overseas, these essentials stay with me. To make other travelers feel more comfortable when packing for a trip abroad, I am sharing this list with the Worldpackers community.

A durable travel bags

Depending on the type of travel you prefer and the length of your trip, you may have a different choice of the travel bag. However, I love just a good old-fashioned backpack. For a long road trip, you can purchase a giant or a smaller one for a shorter trip. However, make sure you get a bag that is both comfortable and sturdy because you'll rely on it every day. Stick with a rolling suitcase if you prefer.

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Bag for day trips

Make sure you bring a smaller bag and your main backpack on day trips. A small backpack or large purse can be useful for exploring during the day and function as a carry-on.

The universal travel adapter

The electrical outlets in many countries are differently shaped. If you love traveling, I highly recommend getting a universal travel adaptor so you can adjust it to fit any country worldwide. If you want to charge your devices abroad, you must pick up an adaptor ahead of time.

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A water bottle that can be reused

Your travel bag choice may vary depending on what you like to travel with and how long you travel. However, I have always been a big backpack fan. Whether you choose a huge one for months on the road or a smaller one for shorter trips doesn't matter. Make sure it's comfortable and sturdy, as you'll use it daily. If you prefer a rolling suitcase, stick with it.

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A passport and visa are required

Your passport is the most important thing you should pack for your trip abroad. Make sure it is up to date and will not expire. You should also research visa requirements before leaving for your trip. Most visas are electronic, but sometimes you may have to mail your passport to imprint the visa. So be sure to keep this up to date.

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The importance of travel insurance

When traveling abroad, it's always a good idea to purchase travel insurance to protect you in case of illness or injury. Choose a plan based on your needs and do plenty of research.

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Medication is another factor

Make sure you have enough medication to last you throughout your trip if you are on any medications before traveling.

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Credit card or debit card

Pack your credit or debit cards to withdraw foreign cash from an ATM while traveling. Instead of transferring money at the airport, use a bank at your destination; airports usually charge high commission rates, so you'll get a better return on your investment. For better savings, get a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees while traveling.

The book collection

Having a good book with you on your trip can be a nice touch. However, they can be heavy and bulky, so do not carry too many in your bag. You can also invest in a Kindle for added convenience.

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A journal and pen are also required

You can capture your memories from your trip by journaling. If you've never journaled before, you should try it on your next trip abroad. It's a relaxing way to pass the time and helps you declutter your mind. If you fill out immigration forms or plane landing cards, it's helpful to have your pen.

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Considering the camera

To capture the incredible sights you see on your trip, make sure you have a camera, whether a DSLR camera, a compact digital camera, a GoPro, or a good smartphone. Don't forget to pack all the necessary accessories, like a charger, a battery, a memory card, and more.

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Using headphones

Traveling solo requires headphones and a music playlist for long travel days. While podcasts and music playlists are great for long trips, headphones are necessary.

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A pair of earplugs

When staying in a city or hostel, consider packing earplugs to help you sleep through the night. Noise from the streets or parties in the hostel can keep you awake. Earplugs can help block out the noise and help you sleep better.

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Walking comfortable shoes

You will likely walk a lot while traveling, so it is important to pack the most comfortable shoes you can wear daily. Nothing is worse than getting blisters or sore feet because of uncomfortable shoes while traveling.

Comfortable clothing

In addition to comfort, you should make sure you wear clothing you enjoy wearing when traveling. If you're trying to look your best, you should wear clothes you like.

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A nice outfit or two

It is important to pack one or two nice outfits for special occasions, even though you want to be comfortable 99% of the time. Whether you are attending a dinner, a party, or a show, it is fun to dress up once in a while. Keeping your luggage space as much as possible is important, so only pack a few nice outfits and leave enough space for practical clothing

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Jackets for rain

Carrying a good rain jacket when traveling in the rain or windy weather is important. Umbrellas are cumbersome and inconvenient in windy weather. A good rain jacket will keep you dry and warm.

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Choosing the right hiking boots

Investing in good-quality hiking boots is important if you plan hiking and to connect with nature. After hiking in sneakers, I wished I had better shoes. They take up a bit of space and are best for adventurous travelers hiking outdoors. But they are well worth it.

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Protection from the sun

Sun protection is important when you travel, even if you are going somewhere cold. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are good ways to protect your skin. It would help if you also thought about using lip balm with SPF.

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Travel-sized toiletries

As long as you only need 30ml or less of each item, I recommend packing your toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc. If you need more than 30ml, I recommend buying it at your destination. You might be able to purchase it once you arrive overseas, however, if you are traveling for a while.

Identification card for students

Students should always bring their ID cards with them when traveling overseas. Many tours and attractions offer special student discounts.

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Two or three plastic bags

You can store wet bathing suits or dirty clothes in plastic bags until you reach your next destination, which is a much more convenient way to store them.

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Towels made from microfiber

This compact towel is ideal for backpacking with limited space since it dries quickly and folds into a much smaller size.

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The use of luggage locks

A luggage lock allows you to secure the zipper on your bag if you're worried about pickpockets. Most hostels have lockers for storing your belongings, but you'll be better off insuring your bag with one.

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