The New Season Of 'Love Is Blind' Is Here

The New Season Of 'Love Is Blind' Is Here

Updated on August 25, 2023 17:09 PM by Anna P

New Season of Love is Blind

The New Season Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Is Here

(New Season of Love is Blind \ Image Credits: Us Weekly)

Recently a new teaser is released, announcing the arrival of season 5 of the famous tv show ‘Love is Blind.’ This season will be happening in Houston.

Previously, the seasons were set in Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas. This new season will start on September 22 and will continue until October 13. The casting of this show has not been revealed yet, but fans are eagerly waiting for this mystery to be revealed.

All episodes will be released in batches
Sept. 22: Episodes 1-4 
Sept. 29: Episodes 5-7 
Oct. 6: Episodes 8-9 
Oct. 13: Episode 10, weddings

What is the show about?

As it has been more than four months since season 4 of the show finishes, it's time for a new season of ‘Love is Blind.’  Since the popularity of reality dating tv series has been growing ever since the beginning of time, Netflix has prepared an exciting arrival of ‘Love is Blind,’ which is hosted by the power couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa.

The show, Love is Blind, is kind of a social experiment where single men and women meet each other and engage with potential partners in pods. But the twist here is that they cannot meet with each other before making some connection. 
You can only hear them talk, but you can’t say them. As they say, and the show name suggested, Love is Blind! They only meet each other when they decide to get married, which can sometimes lead to tragedies as well.

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Rules of the show

The rules are very strict for the show. All cast members must not see or touch each other. All men and women live separately with no phone or Wi-Fi during the period of filming. Shockingly, some rules also affect the mental health of these singles.

 All their engagements, relationships and breakups are to be kept secret, even from their families. They must accept the engagement and go on honeymoon before anyone can know about their love life. 

Well, things got worse. All contestants were required to sleep on bunk beds and film up to 20 hours a day. Obviously, long tiring days, lack of proper sleep, and lack of social engagement is enough for the mental breakdown of any normal human, right?

Another surprise for fans

The New Season Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Is Here

(Another surprise for fans \ Image Credits: Variety)

For the die heart fans of the show, a new surprise is here. Netflix is also launching a game called ‘Netflix Stories: Love is Blind,’ this September. It is like an interactive story game, mostly like the dating series.
Players can interact and find their connection in pods while enjoying the experience as if it is happening to them. They can customize their characters, decide the storyline of the game, and find their true match. This game will be endless as each choice will lead to a different ending. 

So, you will not be tired of playing it again and again. From September 19.

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