'Love Is Blind' Star Nick Thompson Faces Homelessness, criticizes 'Netflix' On Paying $7 Per Hour

'Love Is Blind' Star Nick Thompson Faces Homelessness, criticizes 'Netflix' On Paying $7 Per Hour

Updated on August 03, 2023 16:52 PM by Andrew Koschiev

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Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson married on 8th June 2021 during an appearance on Season 2, 'Love is Blind.' The couple's marriage eventually divorced despite expressing commitment and love during the wedding. Ruhl started with a statement that there was not a single reason for the division. 'Love is blind' alum Nick Thompson claims he's struggling with the work and is at risk of homelessness. He claims to feel that people do not take him sincerely. In fact, with the background as a last VP in software for 'five' years. 

Thompson has worked against some exploited reality TV actors, and the deficiency of support since his experience on the show and its aftermath have been hard.

Nick Thompson, the former 'Love Is Blind' Star, Is a TV personality and Mental health Advocate Now

The ex-star of 'Love Is Blind' has changed into a TV personality and mental health advocate. He conveyed his thoughts by saying that you may know him from the 'Love is Blind' Season 2, though this community is generated to aid every individual through life with their eyes broad open. He is passionate about strengthening the human connection and uplifting defamed societal issues like self-care, mental health, free speech, healthy lifestyles, and helping others enhance their living standards.

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Thompson Supports the Rights Of Reality TV stars and offers legal assistance through Activism

Nick Thompson has his own YouTube channel and podcast, focusing on the significance of seeing others as humans and stimulating compassion to sustain a world into a better place. Despite his fruitful background as a VP in the software industry for five years, he still encountered financial hitches after the 'Love Is Blind' series. The current efforts of Nick Thompson include supporting the rights of reality television stars, Activism, and providing legal and health support via UCAN, abbreviated as 'Unscripted Cast of Advocacy Network.'

Thompson Refers to Netflix as 'Exploitative' 

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After the appearance of Nick Thompson on Season 2, 'Love Is Blind,' he unveiled that he's on the edge of homelessness in the wake of struggling with stable employment. He said he lost his job last November and is having difficulty finding a new one. He's two months left in the bank to pay the mortgage. Considering the substantial profits being generated and the potential for future seasons, along with the accessibility for anyone to watch, it's disheartening to realize that he, despite all this, is facing homelessness. Showing his dissatisfaction with Netflix, Thompson remarked, "They're profiting immensely from reality TV because it's incredibly low-cost to produce, and they're capitalizing on that even during the strike."

Thompson called it a 'brutal industry' because of making all the hardships and getting no financial stability. He's now determined to fight to encourage and change Netflix to treat other cast and crews accurately. Explore more at Factswow.com and learn more. 

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