One Piece: A Live - Action Manga Private Show

One Piece: A Live - Action Manga Private Show

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One Piece: A Live - Action Manga Private Show

(One Piece: A Live - Action Manga Private Show/Image Credits: HELLO! Magazine)

Netflix as a school of adaptation has yet again prepared to release One Piece, a series adapted from the manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.

Review of One Piece

One piece is the latest anime to be a live action adaptation. Although the comic has a whopping 100 plus volumes with more than a thousand episodes, if you want to get a taste of some bigger, fantasy and scientific epic, then this series would be a great start.
Just like superhero films before them, live-action anime has had a rough go in Hollywood, but every streak must end. Netflix’s One Piece marks a definite turn in that sour reputation. Netflix’s One Piece is worthy of telling the Pirate King’s tale, Megan Peters said from
There is so much story left to tell by the end, and my hope is that we do see it one day. But with just these eight episodes of One Piece, the cast and creatives pull off a fantastically pulpy, old-fashioned, and, most importantly, satisfying adventure, Arezou Amin commented from Collider.

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Story Line

One Piece: A Live - Action Manga Private Show

(One Piece: A Live - Action Manga Private Show/Image Credits: Siliconera)

One Piece he is a fantastic scientific fantasy which involves a private crew who were on a hunt for a mythical treasure hidden under one piece. The pirates crew must fight against the marines who are the caretaker of the law and order. Teenager Monkey D. Luffy always has a dream to become the king of pirates and as the season goes on, we see him securing a ship and assembling a crew of his own to fulfill his dream. He also dreamed for others to achieve their goals which can be seen throughout the series. 
All the characters were looking to fulfill a goal of their own. The Swordsman Roronoa Zoro wants to be the greatest blade fighter of the world, chief Sanji wants to find a legendary source of novel ingredients, thief Nami wants to map out the globe, and Usopp mostly wants to impress his crush. Luffy had a magical Gum Gum Fruit when he was a child, due to which he now possesses an ability to stretch his body like a rubber. In his travels, he uses his extended and noodle-like-limbs while shouting Gum Gum Pistol many times.

Bringing Live-in-action Onscreen

One Piece: A Live - Action Manga Private Show

(One Piece: A Live - Action Manga Private Show/Image Credits: OtakuPT)

The director Marc Jobst, the costume designer Diana Cilliers, production designer Richard Bridgland, and the legendary crew members make an amazing visual for the viewers with the help of CGI and practical effects. Combat scenes are impressively choreographed while the visuals of massive crowds also convey the story’s epic scale.
Despite these great efforts, there comes a point where the live action can be anything, but awkward no matter the expense. One Piece, let's be honest, can never look as natural as a human-sawtooth shark hybrid walks in a restaurant with an open Hawaiian shirt, right?

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