Netflix Series ‘Wednesday’ Casts Net Worth Decoded For You

Netflix Series ‘Wednesday’ Casts Net Worth Decoded For You

Updated on January 09, 2023 18:36 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Jenna Ortega

The star has emerged from the Wednesday series. She has an impressive net worth of $3-$4M over the years.

Christina Ricci

(Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly)

The Scream Queen of all time with a net worth of $8M. 

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Catherine Zeta-Jones 

(Image Credits: ELLE)

Catherine has played several roles in countless movies and tv shows and is also one of the popular faces in ShowBiz. She has a standing net worth of $150M.

Luis Guzman 

(Image Credits: IMDb)

As Gomez Addams in ‘Wednesday’, Luis is a character to hook on. He has an impressive net worth of $13M.

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Victor Dorabontu

(Image Credits: the family

Although he plays Thing in the show, his face is covered and he has a net worth of $850,000.

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A Gang

Netflix's Wednesday grew popular in no time. It premiered on the streaming platform in November 2022. The show became the third most-watched show on Netflix. Not just that, it reached 1 billion viewers in the streaming hours.

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Net Worth Climb

The success of the project and the net worth of celebs have skyrocketed. The lead, Jenna Ortega, is a famous face in horror. She has a supporting role in Scream 2022 and even in the forthcoming sequel Scream 6.

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Jenna for horror

(Image Credits: Inverse)

Jenna is not bothered because she is only considered for Scary Projects. She thinks the horror genre keeps theatres alive. Jenna also people only go to watch superhero or horror movies. She feels that what she gives the audience is an Adrenaline rush.

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Horror is large

Jenna feels horror is better than any other genre. She says that in Horror movies, other genres get small layers. Not only that, but Jenna had to prove herself as she was playing the iconic, Wednesday Addams.

Christina Ricci 

(Image Credits: InStyle)

Christina was previously portrayed as a mischievous girl in the 1990s Addams Family movie. She shared her different experiences, and it's all about proving oneself.

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 Elle praised Jenna

(Image Credits: Hypebae)

In an Interview held in 2022, Elle praised Jenna for her incredible performance. She even weighed the differences between Christina's 90's performance and Jenna's rendition of the same character.

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The Inclination 

Casper said she knew there would be a comparison between the movies of Addams and the Series. The inclination is natural. But who gave a better Wednesday? The difference and contrast of various characters are worth watching. But both did well, and now they are set for series 2 of the show.

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