Teasers For Chapter 1077 Of One Piece

Teasers For Chapter 1077 Of One Piece

Updated on March 08, 2023 18:16 PM by Andrew Koschiev

A teaser of One Piece Chapter 1077 is expected to be released at the finish of this week. The break week of the anime series has concluded, and fans are looking forward to the spoilers of the next episode. In addition, fans have already seen a lot of teasers that hint at something grave about to happen. 

Specifically, viewers may also witness someone's death in the next episode. In the gif posted on March 5, lead sequence chief Redon can be seen crying and looking out of the camera with a shocked expression as he discusses the movie Get Out (2017) on Twitter.

Expectations for viewers

(Image Credits: Otakukart)

Using blood splatters from the 1987 film Hellraiser as the second teaser is a touch of Roden, or what the viewers may expect after the upcoming challenge. In the upcoming chapter, it appears that a character will suffer critical damage. 

On March 7, Roden posted a third trace that featured a gif depicting members of the Karasuno volleyball crew exhibiting offended expressions. Even though some workers show joyous emotions on their backs, anger is the dominant sentiment.

Members could take offence

Vega punk's six members might be offended over finding out who the real traitor is, or this is a touch referring to Roden's response to the plot. Lastly, we have a gif of Sonic The Hedgehog. 

Sonic appears leaping out of a field containing fruit as the fourth and final teaser. In the upcoming challenge, a personality may eat some of Satan's Fruit, as the GIF depicts Sonic leaping out of a field containing fruit.

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