There Is A Happy Ending To Succession Season 4, Episode 3

There Is A Happy Ending To Succession Season 4, Episode 3

Updated on April 13, 2023 18:45 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As the fourth episode of Succession threw a shocking twist at its audience, the show provided a happy ending for a character who had been an outcast in Roy's family. Despite airing only three episodes in its final season, the show has already maneuvered its story with unexpected alliances, heartbreaking speeches, and endless possibilities for the future.

It was a sad day for the characters when Logan Roy died suddenly in episode 3, "Connor's Wedding." It was a devastating event for everyone except for one man who had perhaps his most blissful moment.

The Struggle For Control

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It focuses on the rich lives of the Roy family, who compete against one another over control of Logan Roy's media company, Waystar Royco, in Succession. Initially, the show focused on Logan Roy's deteriorating health and his children fighting for control of his media company. Still, it explored the dynamics of a family tainted by wealth and power.

With its satirical and addictive portrayal of the billionaire Roys, the show has been praised for how creator Jesse Armstrong combines comedy and drama in each episode. Connor Roy, the fourth and oldest Roy child, is finally getting his chance to thrive in Succession, even though the focus may be on the three other children.

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For Connor, Season 4, Episode 3 Is Great

A tragic event occurs when Connor's father dies on his wedding day. The painful revelation Connor gives illustrates the tragedy within the eldest son, who has primarily balanced a life that his father has ignored or viewed as an embarrassment.

However, the loss of Logan Roy and the dream to make him proud provide Connor with a deeper sense of freedom and honesty than any Roy family member has ever seen. Connor is given agency about how he moves forward at his wedding by Succession, which gives him a chance to heal from the past.

Financial Security Underpins The Relationship

A candid moment between Connor and his future wife-to-be, Willa, reveals that their relationship is both financially secure and happy. Despite the news of Logan Roy's death, only a few people attend their wedding, and Connor beams with tears in his eyes.

The series follows Connor, who has spent the past four seasons unable to find a way to please his father or to make his half-siblings proud of him. Now, Connor is finally free from his father's presence for the first time and is in bliss without the approval of his family.

What Season 4, Episode 3 Could Mean For Connor's Future Happiness

As a result of Succession, Connor Roy could have a bright future since he can separate himself from the corporate bloodshed that will surely follow Logan's passing. The siblings are fighting for control of the company, but Connor could use the tragedy in his family to gain public sympathy while pursuing his political ambitions. 

Connor's claim establishes him as the most fulfilled Roy in a post-Logan Roy world since the eldest Roy stated he doesn't expect love from his family, especially his father. If he continues to run for president, his family tragedy may result in higher polls or campaign contributions.

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