6 Most Absurdly Funny Movies By The Coen Brothers

6 Most Absurdly Funny Movies By The Coen Brothers

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The Coen brothers are also known as the chameleons of the film industry because they have filmed movies from varied types of genres. The uniqueness of their movies can be owed to their distinct direction and especially the lameness and absurdity in the films. Their comedy always works, with dialogues and scenes never at the wrong place or at the wrong time, and always ensures tickling up to one’s stomach.

(6 Most Absurdly Funny Movies By The Coen Brothers /Image Credits:YouTube)


The Big Lebowski

(The Big Lebowski /Image Credits:Cleveland.com)

The Big Lebowski was a great cultural hit by the Coen brothers where their storytelling skills make kidnapping by a Russian gang mafia a fun ride. This 1998 movie flopped at the box office when it was released, however, it was later seen as one of the classic cults from the 90s. The comic is added by the witty dialogues of Dude, the protagonist, and his two friends, and the inability of the Russians to complete a sentence without shouting.

Raising Arizona

(Raising Arizona /Image Credits:Cracked.com)

The movie revolves around the sad, childless life of a couple, Edwina and Herbert, who can neither adopt a child due to Herbert’s criminal history nor can they have their own due to Edwina’s infertility. Therefore the couple engages in kidnapping a business tycoon’s child. The movie is characterized by the charm and the complexities of human nature, yet in a ridiculous and witty way.

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Burn After Reading

(Burn After Reading /ImageCredits:thesaurus.com.gr)

This 2008 comedy revolves around two gym workers, who, by total chance, get their hands on a disk containing exposing information about an influential politician. This leads the two to become important figures, with some dialogues and scenes as satirical as they could be with the usual Coen brothers’ element. The addition of humor to narcissistic characters is what makes this film challenging.

Hail, Caesar!

6 Most Absurdly Funny Movies By The Coen Brothers

(Hail, Caesar!/ImageCredits:Seventh Row)

The film is fueled with amazing performances by not only the protagonist but also the supporting actors. The movie is about the workaholic and busy life of the head of Physical Productions. The ability of the Coen brothers to add wit and fun while portraying the pressures of the head, who juggles through his work, along with adding the comical nature of the director and the devious journalist is what makes the brothers special.

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A Serious Man

(A Serious Man /ImageCredits:Decider)

A Serious Man is a true comic and is about a Jew going through a midlife crisis. The brothers manage to make crisis fun by adding hilarious and humorous fascination to serious life problems like divorce, and not feeling like oneself. The movie also got a special feature among the 100 movies of the 21st century in the Guardian.

Brother, Where Art Thou?

(Brother, Where Art Thou? /ImageCredits:Into Film)

In this comical adventure with immense following, the Coen brothers take on the lives of three convicts who escape the law. As the characters are unleashed, a sense of comedy and humor also takes on the wonderful cast. 

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