Carlos Santana Apologizes For Anti-Transgender Comments At NJ Concert Caught On Video

Carlos Santana Apologizes For Anti-Transgender Comments At NJ Concert Caught On Video

Updated on August 25, 2023 18:15 PM by Michael Davis

(Carlos Santana Apologizes For Anti-Transgender Comments At NJ Concert Caught On Video/Image Credits:WPG Talk Radio 95.5 FM)

Carlos Santana comment on transgender community

On Thursday the rock and roll band Santana is on under hate and controversy because Carlos Santana who is the guitarist made a comment on transgender in New Jersey at Atlanta City during a recent concert, and the video gone viral on the internet.

Carlos Santana Apologized

Carlos Santana the guitarist promises to change his bad habits.  He is 76-year-old man. He commented on the Anti-transgender in New Jersey during a recent concert which was viral on social media in a video post that is why he apologized for his words.
 Before we came out from the belly you know what your identity is and what you are, when God made you and me, said by Carlos Santana the guitarist.

Carlos Santana proceeded

Later on, Carlos Santana proceeded that When we get older, we can see things and you begin to accept that we could be something that sounds great, however we know it's bad, in light of the fact that a woman is a woman and a man is a man there’s nothing more to it.
Santana also said that, "That is your business, whatever you desire to do in the closet, I’m okay with that After that He then referenced his sibling Dave Chappelle, He also made a few controversial comments on transsexual issues.
He is sorry for his insensitive comments. Carlos Santana began with that
He said that, They don't reflect that he wants to respect and honor the goals and beliefs of all the people, He understand that what he said hurt everyone and that was not his aim, He sincerely apologize to the transsexual community and everybody he offended.

This is the planet of freedom said by Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana Apologizes For Anti-Transgender Comments At NJ Concert Caught On Video /(Image Credits: NPR)

Carlos Santana expressed that his personal goal is to respect and honor the standards of all people(sic), whether they are transgender or not. He further proceeded with that This is the planet of freedom. Presently he will seek after this objective of being cheerful and having some good times, and that everybody accepts what they need and go on in their souls unafraid.
She concluded that, We grow and learn to shine with praise and love, and also it takes courage to shine and grow that you are and to be valid.

According to the American Civil Liberties

According to the new record of American Civil Liberties information as of April, the comments come during a record-breaking year for anti-LGBTQ legislation in the US, with more than 400 bills having been presented in state legislatures starting from the beginning of the year.

Educate the community

Specifically, Training and medical services related bills, have moved throughout state governments at exceptional levels, with a reestablished push to boycott the gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth and a heavy focus on managing educational plan in public schools, including conversations around gender identity and sexuality.

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