Who Replaces Adam In Below Deck Down Under? Meet Luka Brunton, New Season 2 Star

Who Replaces Adam In Below Deck Down Under? Meet Luka Brunton, New Season 2 Star

Updated on August 30, 2023 18:41 PM by Ella Bina

An unknown lead

Who Replaces Adam In Below Deck Down Under? Meet Luka Brunton, New Season 2 Star

(An unknown lead /Image Credits:Dexerto)

You will witness an unknown lead in Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under.‘Below Deck’ disclosed Deckhand Luka as Adam’s substitute in Episode 13 of Season 2.The audience of the show does not witness him earlier, but Chief Stewardess Aesha clearly remembers him.

In Episode 13 it was declared that he had already shown his interest in her sister Courtney. Likewise, from season 1, he was also involved in a relationship with a hostess Magda Ziomek.

Fans faint over new lead hot looks

Greet the sizzling new hot star Deckhand Luka of Below Deck Down Under's series, who is creating another slayer series of him and his squad and lovers also faint with his killer and outlandish looks.Below Deck Down Under's current co-worker is creating ripples for all the good reasons.After the termination of Deckhand Adam on the August 28 episode, of the series,  Captain Jason Chambers was introduced in a season to stand in the role of Deckhand.

After Adam’s exploit that damaged around  $1,000, Adam Kodra was fired from Season 2 of  Below Deck Down Under.This indicates they ought to hunt down a substitute for his role on the boat. Team terminations haven’t been an unusual way for this season. Until now, there have been two alternates that have entered the team  Bosun João and Stewardess.

Co-workers stunned by Luka’s looks

Who Replaces Adam In Below Deck Down Under? Meet Luka Brunton, New Season 2 Star

(Co-workers stunned by Luka’s looks /Image Credits:IMDb)

After joining Luka, who presently shook his new team members with his impressive hot looks.Stew Margot mentioned instantly after greeting Luka:  He's a doozy diva, outlandish! ‘Have you noticed his eyelashes? They're natural.Lovers of the show aren’t pleased with Captain Jason Chambers’ dismissal of Adam on Below Deck Down Under, alarming his decision as a bad move that he will soon “repent.

Captain Jason Chambers in episode 13 of Below Deck Down Under had a challenging choice to make, in which he had to choose if he should have Adam onboard as a deckhand or not.After creating a blunder that could have caused a significant security danger for those on the boat, Captain Jason made his decision that Adam wasn’t capable of standing and eventually gave up on him.

Making his first appearance in Season 2, this was his foremost moment on TV and he immediately made his fans that caused his dismissal considerably tough.However, the recent boatswain João Franco aimed to show him the advantage of the uncertainty, Captain Jason did not want to stake other team members’ lives holding Adam on for other days.

The deckhand handled the report like a victor and went with his head kept high, but did confess that he mourned his commentator blunder.I was discovering a lot and having a lot of fun. It is simply awful that it’s being cut short. I entirely fumbled. Adam said in Episode 13 that you cannot have anyone to accuse but only yourself.

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