Here is an inside look at AGT’s Howie Mandel's $10 million mansion

Here is an inside look at AGT’s Howie Mandel's $10 million mansion

Updated on August 15, 2023 16:16 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Here is an inside look at AGT’s Howie Mandel's $10 million mansion

( Here is an inside look at AGT’s Howie Mandel's $10 million mansion /Image Credits: YourTango)

This weekend, all the followers of the America’s Got Talent judge, Howie Mandel, went crazy with the extraordinary view of his extravagant living room.

Though, the main focus of the photo was the glorious Howie Mandel who was casually posing with his hands in the pockets of his pitch-black romper. His photo was playfully captioned,’ Saturday. Ready to romp in my romper.”

But his followers couldn’t resist the tempting background view of his luxurious interior of the living room.

The living room speaks elegance in its very own way. In the center of the living room, there lies a rich white sofa, perfectly aligned with the sleek television.

On the backside of the sofa, an admirably situated side table gives a flawless display of the family photos of Howie Mandel. And, who can resist the famous Tom Ford coffee table book?

To the side, the stone-shaped table balances the round decorative showpiece proudly. And, just to add a final touch to the already remarkable living area, a brownish leather chair is placed to give the side view of the television.

The Urbansplatter reports further spill the secrets of the mansion. This lavish $10 million mansion is expanded on a whopping 12,000 square feet area, catering to most of the opulence the world has to offer.

What’s more, this mansion proudly offers eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms to its residents. And how we can forget the neatly-cut lawn the mansion offers? Far scratched to 12,000 square feet, this perfect display of greenery and aesthetic view skyrockets the value of the mansion.

Howie Mandal’s Stunts Have No Limit

As if his impeccable taste in life was not enough, Howie’s mischievous stunts keep the internet on the edge. 

The internet has been abuzz lately with a funny and spooky Tiktok video.

The sight of an enormous spider on Howie’s head made his friend scream crazily. As if the sight was not enough to send anyone to the other side of the living room, he plays along, pretending to be innocent.

He commented:

“I don’t see it!”

“I don’t know where it is.”

All while, the spider was strolling leisurely over his head, he joked,” It’s gone! Calm down!”

This classic humor post was captioned with hashtags like #spiderman #terror #scream. The prank may have been funny for many, but some viewers couldn't contain their shivers.

Return of Howie Mandel to AGT

Here is an inside look at AGT’s Howie Mandel's $10 million mansion

(Here is an inside look at AGT’s Howie Mandel's $10 million mansion/Image Credits: People)

Returning from his brief interval as a judge of the famous tv show, American’s Got Talent, Howie returned in his glory to resume his position. Currently, he is judging the show alongside his talented co-judges - Simon Cowell, Sofie Vergara, and Heidi Klum.

There has been some criticism that the panel lacks integrity, despite its combination of humor, critical insights, and entertainment. 

Many supporters of the tv show express their desire for the return of Howard Stern, a former judge of this famous TV show. No one knows if he will return to the show or not, but the viewers are expectedly waiting with hope.

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