‘AGT: All Stars’ Premiere Announced The Season’s First Golden Buzzer 

‘AGT: All Stars’ Premiere Announced The Season’s First Golden Buzzer 

Published on January 03, 2023 17:38 PM by Anthony Christian

Monday night embarked the premiere of (America’s Got Talent) ‘AGT: All-Stars’ and cleared that the Season will be competitive on the first ten acts and get the best group out of the best.

America’s Got Talent premiere show highlighted poet Aneeshwar Kunchala from Britain’s Got Talent, Alan Silva from AGT season 15, Capella Group Berywam of AGT season 14, Singer Jeanick Fournier and Caly Bevier, Dance group Light Balance Kids from AGT Season 14, hand-balancing crew Bello Sisters and a magician Lioz from Australia’s Got Talent 2020.

Ukrainian Dance Group, Light Balance Kids Earned the First Golden Buzzer 

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The main moment came across on the show when Light Balance Kids offered a show-stopping figure. The Electrifying performance was earned by the Ukrainian Dance group from Judge Howie Mandel for the Season’s first Golden Buzzer and sent them straight to the final round. 

The judge, Howie Mandel, said, ‘You have always been my favorite act that I have gone through in the history of America’s Got Talent. There is such a special message here. It is the darkest place around the world from where you come from and bring us to light across the globe. 

After the magical performance, Mariia Honiukova, Darya Cherepakha, and Maryna Zaitseva of Light Balance Kids said, ‘the buzzer helped us to overlook a moment of all the sufferings and fears that our compatriots and country are experiencing now. It was the biggest moment of pure happiness and joy in our lives.

AGT: All-Stars airs on Mondays On NBC Channel At 8 p.m. ET 

The group said, ‘Everyone was over the moon. From 24th February 2022, we fled from a battle to different nations but ‘AGT: All-Stars’ gave us the golden opportunity to back to normal life and see and dance together on the stage. 

They said they’d have five days to execute the whole process and begin the preparations for the team. It was a big challenge, but anything can be possible if stuck. The dance group was not only the act. Monday’s show saw the back of Season 2 with a fun-loving ventriloquist, Terry Factor, who will take the stage and steal the crowds. 

Apart from Light Balance Kids, another group of hand-balancing, ‘The Bello Sisters’, performed the other activities to go towards final after gaining success of the super fan vote. On Every Monday, ‘AGT: All-Stars’ airs at 8 p.m. ET on NBC Channel. 

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