Sofia Vergara was emotional on the 'America's Got Talent’ show

Sofia Vergara was emotional on the 'America's Got Talent’ show

Updated on August 02, 2023 13:28 PM by Andrew Koschiev

On Tuesday's America's Got Talent episode, Sofia Vergara was particularly moved by a stunning Brazilian singer who impressed the judges with his voice. At the point when Gabriel Henrique hit the stage part of the way through Tuesday's show, Vergara and her kindred appointed authorities Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel were prevailed upon by his grin and his amicable character. Know more updated news from

Sharing the most memorable moments

Gabriel was joined in front of an audience by an interpreter, as he doesn't speak much English. Yet, his triumphant appeal radiated through any language hindrances that might have existed before he sang a note. "This is my most memorable time here in the US," Gabriel shared, using his interpreter, "and I simply understand a fantasy to be here to sing for you folks."

While he appeared to be at first apprehensive and required a couple of seconds to mind himself up in front of an audience, when Gabriel started his presentation, the force of his voice was promptly obvious. The AGT confidently belted out a front of "Rush to You" by Whitney Houston and exhibited his mind-blowing capacity to hit a few great high notes.

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Controlling the emotions


Heidi quickly acclaimed him, proclaiming, "In the event that Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey had a child, it would be Gabriel." "I didn't anticipate that that voice should emerge from you," Howie shared. You sound like the endlessly best pop diva anytime.

Simon exclaimed in astonishment, "Gabriel, people are going to like you." You're so intriguing. As I can tell, you have sung in church, but you don't know how good you are. It was incredible. Sofia, notwithstanding, shared the board's last considerations and struggled with keeping down her feelings as she praised his gifts.

Emotional moment for the judges

Under the steady gaze of the appointed authorities got an opportunity to cast a ballot. Indeed, Sofia would have rather not taken a risk with anything, and she hammered the Brilliant Bell, showering the stage in sparkling confetti and sending Gabriel promptly to the live shows.

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