59-Year-Old Guitarist Wayne Swinny Passed Away From A brain Hemorrhage

59-Year-Old Guitarist Wayne Swinny Passed Away From A brain Hemorrhage

Updated on March 24, 2023 11:29 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Saliva drummer Wayne Swinny, 59, died Wednesday following a brain hemorrhage the previous day while on tour. Swinny was a founding member of Saliva. One of the few current members has been with the nu-metal outfit since the outfit's first album was released in 1996. In the 27 years since Saliva released its debut album, it was nominated for a Grammy for hard rock and reached number one on the Billboard charts. 

The outfit's biggest song, "Always," topped Billboard's alternative rock chart in 2002. A day after Swinny was " discovered in medical distress" Tuesday morning, the band revealed on social media Wednesday that he died after being in the ICU for several hours. On the eve of Swinny's hemorrhage in Nashville, the group played at the Brooklyn Bowl for its last show. The band had played in the Pittsburgh area on Tuesday after he was admitted to the ICU. A fill-in guitarist joined them for the show. During Swinny's 16-date headlining tour, the Nashville gig was only the third show.

DJ Meltdown's tribute to Wayne

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Amaru, who replaced original vocalist Josey Scott in 2011, said, "I don't even know what to think or how to feel right now." "I am so sorry for Wayne's family, his friends, and everyone who had the joy of knowing him," he wrote. Nikki's situation breaks my heart. He loved her terribly. On stage, he was the rock ''n'' roll hero most guitar players aspired to. 

A proud father, an expert on Ancient Aliens, and a phenomenal human with no enemies, Wayne would do everything in his power to ensure that you had a good time. As an older brother I never had, Wayne was an amazing person to know and to know. I learned a lot from him. Besides having a fucking blast with me, he was the best person I could have ever met! I'm sure we will meet again soon." In a testimonial posted on the station's website, DJ Meltdown paid tribute to the WRIF station.

Meltdown about Wayne's songs

It was a pleasure to be around him. I viewed him as an elder statesman who kept Saliva's name alive. He would play anywhere there was electricity," Meltdown said. Despite the thick jet-black hair, the beat-up cowboy hat, and the ever-present dark sunglasses, there was a genuine, quality person in there. Pictures? Absolutely! Fans wanted to say hi. Absolutely. Just a great man. He always made me feel welcome. He was also a Raiders fan. He wore that tattoo proudly regardless of where the team played. Besides laying around motorcycles, he sat with me once when I was ''overserved.'' Finding a better guy is challenging.

My interview with him was supposed to take place yesterday but was canceled. Last night I found out he was battling for his life. I expected the worst, but unfortunately, the worst happened. Meltdown said, "I don't care about rock stars." Wayne Swinny is that person for me."

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