Glamour on Budget by Crystal Kung Minkoff of the Real Housewives

Glamour on Budget by Crystal Kung Minkoff of the Real Housewives

Updated on August 04, 2022 17:14 PM by Ella Bina

Fashion is a budget game, says Crystal Kung

According to Crystal Kung Minkoff, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans should be aware that fashion is accessible to all socioeconomic groups.

Crystal on the Real Housewives is wearing inexpensive clothes. You'll like Crystal Kung Minkoff's picks at this pricing, so we spoke with her about it. Prices were correct at the time of publication.

Absent some of the drama, of course, watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is such a lavish vacation. The characters are so real and unique.

The homemakers are always notched up

The women go above and above with their hair, makeup, attire, and house furnishings. It appears that glamour is the name of the game. Yes, they all occasionally receive professional assistance from stylists and makeup artists.

But sometimes, the Housewives are just like us in our search for low-cost finds. Crystal Kung Minkoff spoke in an interview in-depth about the surprisingly inexpensive clothes she chooses to wear on the show. She goes by budget.

The RHOBH celebrity said, "Last time I went shopping, I spent $38 on a top. The previous peak was $200. My initial search cost less than $300.

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Glamour doesn't have to be always over budget

It was extremely deliberate this season since the show is all about glamour, which I understand and think is essential. However, you can still have glamour on a budget."

The Bravolebrity said: "My philosophy is that it's really about having self-assurance knowing that you can wear the kinds of things that are not particularly expensive but that you look good in them.

I don't always feel better in more costly clothing. I, therefore, make a point of wearing inexpensive clothing and letting everyone know that you can participate in a Housewives confessional while wearing anything that costs less than $40."

Crystal loves Mesh tops

It is great to see Crystalof The Real Housewives be so real and talk about the budget. This mesh top is popular among people other than just Crystal. Check out these glowing testimonials from Revolve customers if you need a little more persuasion before you buy.

A customer gushed, "I adore this unusual shirt so much! I've only worn this once, but it's already garnered much praise." Sure Crytal' of The Real Housewives choice won hearts. Buying things under budget is not bad after all.

Another person urged, "Long sleeves, cute. Simply buy it!"

"Excellent quality and super cute. ideal weekend blouse, "a user's review of Revolve.

Another individual reviewed, "Looove! Down is so adorable and snug. I own one of these tops in a larger size, and it fits just fine, with a little extra room for movement."

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