In Pittsburgh, Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo host a Griswold family reunion called  'Together Again'

In Pittsburgh, Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo host a Griswold family reunion called  'Together Again'

Published on December 12, 2022 01:15 AM by Dhinesh

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It's time for another traditional Griswold family vacation, this time to Pittsburgh!

Nearly 40 years after they originally portrayed Clark and Ellen Griswold in the 1983 road trip comedy National Lampoon's Vacation, Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo reconnected for a cute selfie at Steel City Comic Con in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

"Again, with @chevychase at @steelcitycomiccon!" The image was captioned by D'Angelo, 71.

She and Chase, 79, returned to the National Lampoon brand for four additional movies, including Vacation(2015), National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985), National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation(1989), and Vegas Vacation (1997). 

Additionally, they portrayed Clark and Ellen in a Hotel Hell Vacation-themed HomeAway Super Bowl commercial from the same year.

The Vacation series follows devoted father-of-two Clark Griswold as he fails miserably to provide Ellen and his children, son Rusty and daughter Audrey, who are each portrayed by a different actor in the movies, special family vacations, and other occasions.

Earlier, D'Angelo admitted to news sources that she nearly declined the part of Ellen Griswold. She remarked this week, "I was so sure that I wasn't the proper person.

D'Angelo continued, "I truly didn't know what my course was going to be in my early career. "Even after I proposed another person to my agency, he responded, "No, no, no." Seriously, look at the writing."

Because of their "amazing chemistry," the actress claimed Chase helped her feel more at ease, saying: "It was like meeting my brother."

In a previous "Where Are They Now?" In The TikTok video, Chase celebrated the holidays with D'Angelo, Johnny Galecki (Rusty), Juliette Lewis, and other members of the Christmas Vacation cast (Audrey).

"That time of the year is here” The video features captions by Chase.

Galecki, 47, was working on a Vacation spin-off series called The Griswolds at HBO Max as of 2019.

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